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Draga Aurel Delightfull
Wall Lamps | Feb 23, 2016
Contemporary Lighting Inspirations: Wall Lamps by Brabbu
Contemporary lighting - wall lamps from Brabbu

Today we bring you some of the best contemporary lighting inspirations with a selection of the best contemporary lamps from Brabbu! Here you have some about that brand:

BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. We design and produce a diverse range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting, rugs, art and accessories that tells stories from the nature and the world. All these stories are written by the materials, textures, scents, flavours and colours that live inside the nature and inside the urban life. With BRABBU you will get more than a design piece, you will get a diversity of spaces fulfilled with memories and unique sensations in perfect harmony with your spaces and your personality. BRABBU design pieces are a gift for the senses. Everyday our tribe of designers and craftsmen search for the most innovative materials and techniques to bring the confort and function that your spaces deserve.”

Check some of the best wall lamps from Brabbu:

Aurum Wall Light

“When in a modern home decor, the brass wall lamp AURUM brings safety and the shining dawn that is yet to come, its power and enchantment. A brass contemporary sconce that will bring you comfort in the darkest nights with its warm and sensitive light. AURUM wall lamp will turn your modern home decor into an exquisite refuge whether during day or during night.”

Contemporary lighting - wall lamps from Brabbu Contemporary lighting - wall lamps from Brabbu

Cay Wall Light

“CAY represents in a contemporary lighting piece, nature’s ultimate scream – an eruption. This wall lamp flows in rawest shapes as lava flows during a volcano eruption. A contemporary lighting piece molded in casted brass by the forces of nature that shouts strength and fierceness. CAY wall lamp stands out for those that dare themselves to hear nature’s scream, adopting it in an urban lifestyle.”

Contemporary lighting - wall lamps from Brabbu Contemporary lighting - wall lamps from Brabbu

Niku Wall Light

“NIKU is the diminutive of Nikumaroro, part of the Kiribati islands group, known as Phoenix Islands. Surrounded by the depths of the Pacific Ocean, it’s the beauty of the coral that makes NIKU wall lamp a rarity in contemporary lighting. Through its gold plated brass structure, 2 glass light globes emerge representing the wide diversity of ecosystems that inhabit this remote island.”

Contemporary lighting - wall lamps from Brabbu

Cyrus Wall Light

“Cyrus was the brave Persian king that conquered Babylonia and its Cylinder was the document that proves it. CYRUS wall light was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilization. An original furniture piece, made in polished brass. Luxurious, yet, sober and exquisite.”

Contemporary lighting - wall lamps from Brabbu

Soleil Wall Light

“SOLEIL is a reinterpretation of the sun in a contemporary lighting piece. The warmth brought to your home by this contemporary lighting piece will expand all over the ambience like sunlight rays. Inspired by the sun, SOLEIL wall lamp is the element that will complete your modern home decor.”

Contemporary lamps - wall lamps from BrabbuContemporary lamps - wall lamps from Brabbu

Vellum Wall Light

“The contemporary lighting piece VELLUM is the elegance of nature transformed by the man’s hand. It comes from the ancient manuscripts, where messages were written in VELLUM, a fine and translucent material. VELLUM wall lamp brings to the spaces the warm light of written stories passed through generations.”

Contemporary lamps - wall lamps from BrabbuContemporary lamps - wall lamps from BrabbuContemporary lamps - wall lamps from Brabbu

Scutum Wall Light

Contemporary lamps - wall lamps from Brabbu

SCUTUM wall lamp came from the Roman legionaries culture to the walls of the nowadays buildings. The casted brass from this contemporary lighting piece transmits protection through the imposing shape and provides a warm sensation created by a unique light.”

What do you think about the pieces of this amazing brand? Let us know on the comment section below!

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