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Arquitectural Lighting | Oct 17, 2016
Trendzine 3rd Edition The Best Source For Mid-Century Inspiration

For the Mid-Century style lovers here is a chance to get inspired! Trendzine is the new ezine that sets its basis on inspiring you! The best source for that nostalgic and trendy Mid- Century satisfaction, in which every editorial piece makes sure that any design from the 40´s , 50´s and 60´s are not left out!

Powered by Unique Blog and DelightFULL, this ezine is a “can´t miss out” if you are a designer, interior designer, architects or just a true lover of this style, here is a sneak pick of this amazing magazine!

SEE ALSO:HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT MID-CENTURY MODERN HOMETrendzine 3rd Edition The Best Source For Mid-Century InspirationThe amazing editors from TRENDZINE made sure to add in the need to mix mid-century and contemporaneity values, showing us how the design world is an ever changing field where only the sky is the limit. In the 3rd edition of TRENDZINE you’ll be able to find incredible articles on a variety of subjects like architecture, fashion, vintage decor, lighting design, lifestyle, and much more… Which only comes to prove how much you can’t miss this fabulous edition!Trendzine 3rd Edition The Best Source For Mid-Century InspirationTrendzine 3rd Edition The Best Source For Mid-Century Inspiration “While developing this editorial, we found ourselves reminiscing and exchanging stories. We did not plan it, but it was impossible not to talk about that first denim jacket that we will never forget or even about that cozy sofa in our grandmas’ homes where we spent so much of our time watching that enormous tv. Each one of these tiny details is reflected in our Ezine. We want you to feel the 40s, 50s and 60s. We want you to know how it was, but more than this, we want to show you how these times have inspired so many artists and designers doing what they do today. Let’s start a new trip?” said Cesária Castro and Joana Loureiro (TRENDZINE editors)   Trendzine 3rd Edition The Best Source For Mid-Century Inspiration Trendzine 3rd Edition The Best Source For Mid-Century Inspiration  Trendzine 3rd Edition The Best Source For Mid-Century InspirationSEE ALSO: HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT MID-CENTURY MODERN HOME

So? What will be your choice? We hope you liked today´s article. Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Contemporary Lighting Ideas. You can also take a look at our Instagram profile for frequent updates with inspiring content!

100 Contemporary Floor Lamps Free Ebook TRENDZINE TRENDZINE 2nd Edition: It Just Keeps Getting Better ba new ebook 750pxAlso, download this FREE EBOOK and get some inspiration from this 100 Contemporary Floor Lamps.


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