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Contemporary Lighting | May 10, 2018
Bright Days Ahead With A Contemporary Lighting Ideas
Bright Days Ahead With A Contemporary Lighting Ideas

Contemporary Lighting Ideas For Your Interior Design

Older homes are cool. They have authenticity, they have a spirit, they have a heritage. Artful architectural details, original wood floors with a gorgeous wavy window glass, comes to mind right away and that’s just a little bit of the story to tell. What if we could double your overhead lighting? Because, that’s what is usually missing in that kind of houses. Let’s see which contemporary lighting ideas we prepared for you today.


Bright Days Ahead With A Contemporary Lighting Ideas1

The overhead lighting is usually the most crucial thing and it is always missing. It is bearable in the living room, because we usually use the table, floor or plug-in wall lamps. But what about the kitchen? We spend a lot of time at the kitchen and this place is a special one for the people who love to cook. For these people we found a solution: multi-light fixture for a single socket that you have, one with wires that can be plugged to create the illusion of multiple pendants. Why not to have two if you have only one?

mid-century apartment Find Out How This Mid-Century Apartment in Ukraine has Our Hearts! imgpsh fullsize

Bright Days Ahead With A Contemporary Lighting Ideas2

Bright Days Ahead With A Contemporary Lighting Ideas3

If you are not informed about electricity and about how it works – there are restrictions and permits and codes to understand, moreover there are the fire and safety issues which you should be aware of as well – in order to make this project real. You can always ask your electrician to “swag pendants”, said lighting expert John Bachman, and watch the magic happen.  The installation should not take longer than a few hours. We suggest you to take into consideration the fixtures themselves. Because, when it comes to the style part, you need to look for multiple bare bulbs or mini shaded pendants with long cords. John recommends to have at least eight inches of excess wire to work with for each, attached to a single base.

Bright Days Ahead With A Contemporary Lighting Ideas4

John says: “Remember, any product you are working with needs to have a UL listing, which means that it has a stamp of approval that it is durable, fire-safe, etc”. Also, if the product is altered in any way for a look, it loses that UL listing along with its safety requirements.

Bright Days Ahead With A Contemporary Lighting Ideas5

After the base is hardwired to the ceiling, the electrician can loop the loose pendant wires over hooks positioned – in any spot you would like to place them on the ceiling. Do not forget that the wires should stretch long enough. Then, arrange the bulbs to span the center of the room, spread the lights over your new design. Whatever happens out of this interior design idea, just know that at least, you will double the light. Thanks for reading!


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Hanna Chandelier

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