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Arquitectural Lighting | Sep 13, 2018
Cool home décor style inspirations in movies/tv shows

Home décor style can have many different roots, but one thing is sure, movies/tv shows are great to inspire us.

One of the great things about movies/tv shows are the perfectionism that directors put into scenarios, knowing that visual component represents the entire spirit of it, décor is always coherent with the main narrative. From mid-century modern to modern, from classic to contemporary, here are some stunning home design ideas.


Cool home décor style inspirations in moviestv shows 1

Photo © time.com

The AMC masterpiece Mad Men, was one of the great moments for mid-century (and mid-century modern). Particularly in a second phase (around season 4), the items in offices start to take some contemporary twists.

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Cool home décor style inspirations in moviestv shows 2

Photo © filmandfurniture.com

So, we know that this photo from “Alien: Covenant” doesn´t have very furniture. But it symbols (in the movie and in the real-time) the great trend of the future (in the movie we are 100 years forward from now): even in an entirely modern environment there’s space for some classic symbols (as the chair and the piano, or, regarding to the script, as the human).

Cool home décor style inspirations in moviestv shows 3

Photo © wired.com

This incredible meeting of Dr.Strangelove and the US President (in the movie of course) is shined by an oval lamp. This one inspired some of the most unique contemporary lighting pieces of the present time, perfect for any ambiance (and not just apocalyptic ones).

Cool home décor style inspirations in moviestv shows 4

Photo © bondsuits.com 

We’re now at the first Sam Mendes version for 007 and what we see (in all movie) is mid-century modern everywhere: classic/vintage/mid-century pieces with some contemporary inputs (in finishes mostly).

Table Category

Cool home décor style inspirations in moviestv shows 5

Photo © interiordesign.net

This famous movie trilogy about the desires of Christian Grey must give to the audience the luxurious feelings that are evolved in the experience. For that, this piece goes for a great mid-century modern themed décor, which gives the full support to the script and actors.


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