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Wall Lights | Jul 13, 2016
5 wall sconces to use in your Entrance
5 wall sconces to use in your Entrance

The entrance of every house is the first impression of the guests about you and your cozy house. It should have a unique and interesting look as it gives a hint what is further inside the house. And as the first impression is the most important, check these wall sconces.

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Atomic wall sconce by Delightfull 5 wall sconces to use in your Entrance

To illuminate your wall art the Atomic wall sconce is the perfect way to go. This sconce is from the brand DelightFULL. Each shade evokes an amazing effect on the walls. Conceived for modern settings.

delightfull_chuck-midcentury-modern-wall-light-adjustable-fixture (Copy)

A versatile option for your entrance are these wall sconces by DelightFULL. Chuck enables you to set your own vibe, twist it around and enjoy the beautiful effect created by its gold-plated grid. Like a can full rock music, drinks and dance moves, this sconce will set a vibrant mood in any space.

5 wall sconces to use in your Entrance

A neutral colored wallpaper and the gorgeous console table by KOKET complemented by the contemporary wall sconces, Passion sconces by KOKET. A great option for ambient lighting!

Waterfall wall sconce by Luxxu 5 wall sconces to use in your Entrance

This creation represents a natural sensation of waterfalls. An elegant and modern piece made of gold plated brass and handmade crystal glass tubes. It is the waterfall wall sconce by Luxxu and, as you can see, it will fit perfectly on your entrance!

Mcqueen wall sconce by Luxxu 5 wall sconces to use in your Entrance

Made of brass with gold plated and handmade butterflies and majestic flowers ending with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals. The wall version of McQueen Chandelier, this masterpiece causes a dramatic and eccentric sensation of beauty.

Tell us which one is your favorite!


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