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Arquitectural Lighting | Aug 17, 2016
Contemporary Lighting Trends Booming in 2016
Lighting trends, capa

Much like fashion, lighting trends change often. Lighting is a key part of home décor. The way you chose to enhance your place trough lighting, should be very well considered. It is an important aspect in any interior space. Usually, people tend to care more about buying furniture or try to find the best possible deal, but they forget the importance that light brings to your personal space. It is proved that bad lighting produces a negative impact on you, and that is just one of the few reasons why you should care more about the lighting process.


Contemporary Lighting Trends, upgraded industrialOne of the lighting trends for this year is Lamps Plus’ “upgraded industrial.”  This trend is here to stay. This modern industrial lighting features rich tones and alternative metals. Upgraded industrial is a combination of well-designed curves with modern angles. Beautiful lineage and elegance sense is what you can expect.

Contemporary Lighting Trends, MalleableOne of the lighting trends for 2016 is the malleable pendant or chandelier. The advantage of this type of decoration is the possibility that you as a client, have to manipulate your home lighting as you well wish. Very useful if are not a routine person. You can count on malleable, sculptural, and unique pieces that adapt to the environment in the way that you want them to adapt.

delightfull_graphic_lamp_outdoorPersonalization is one of the trends to 2016. Custom color is one of the nicest features that you can ask and DelightFULL‘s Graphic Collection is a great example. The variety of combinations is extensive, and you can customize your unique lamps according to your desires. Nowadays there is also the possibility to change the color of light, like the crystal table lamp by Qis design. When it comes to personalization, the choice is yours.

Lighting trends, Geometric.The geometric lighting fixture is one of the hottest lighting trends right now. This line of design breathes versatility. You can choose a geometric lamp that goes well in classic environments or even in a modern one. If you are considering acquire a sophisticated geometric piece, is better for you to keep in mind, that you should keep it simple.

Contemporary Lighting Trends, natureOne of the next trends for the home will be “nature-inspired lighting”.  In this process, you can see allusions of nature. The main goal here is that while you are relaxing at your spot, you still can get that nature sense, that bright your living room with an organic feeling. One of the most creative lighting concepts that will bring you the beauty of nature, to your cozy spot.


DelightFULL new catalogueWe hope you liked our article. Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Contemporary Lighting Ideas. You can also take a look at our Instagram profile for frequent updates with inspiring content!

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