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Arquitectural Lighting | Nov 7, 2016
The Spookiest TRENDZINE You’ve Seen So Far
The Spookiest TRENDZINE You’ve Seen So Far

Hey you contemporary lighting lovers! Here is the 4th edition of TRENDZINE  [download now] you will just absolutely love it!

Since the 1st edition of the TRENDZINE, we’ve been obsesed to hear from the following editions and now here you have the 4th one, just for you to have a nice reading!

The expectation was killing us but it is finally here for our delight! The best thing? It’s even better than we expected! It pays special attention to lighting and has many other different articles so just go ahead and read it because we did and we absolutely adored it!YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: TRENDZINE: YOUR BEST MID CENTURY DESIGN INSPIRATIONI

It is, for sure, the coolest and scariest issue ever! Full of mid-century inspirations and Halloween tips just for you. Brought by DelightFULL and Unique Blog, this ezine is the best source of inspiration if you’re looking for anything related to the nostalgic-but-very-trendy mid-century stylish days. The 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, are all present in this editorial piece.

And if you are asking: WHAT IS THE MID CENTURY DESIGN?

The mid century is a singular and significant movement that involves architectural, interior, product and graphic design from mid-20th century. This particular design style is characterized by arresting shapes, different graphic patterns, and unconventional accents.

TRENDZINE makes sure that there is no mid-century design inspiration left out. This is perfect for: designers, interior designers, architects and, most of all… mid-century lovers. That’s why we love to create the best, for the best ones!

TRENDZINE IS COMING TO GET YOUUUU…The Spookiest TRENDZINE You’ve Seen So FarThe goal here is to take us back to those incredible years and to feel the midcentury’s madness! The content mingles themes such as interior design, architecture, decor, lighting, furniture, fashion, arts and lifestyle.

And “Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative – Judy Gold

So this last month the doorbells rang, the kids went door to door with their “treat or trick” jokes to scare anyone in their way! Halloween is such a great time of the year don´t you think?! Well, this year it´s all over: the festivities, the crazy prep on the first days of October and unfortunately, all the fun has well!But this is not everything! We also dug up a very important Halloween reference associated with music.

Do you know remember that night? Thriller night? Don´t hurry! We will be here next year to give you all the lighting tips for 2017!The Spookiest TRENDZINE You’ve Seen So FarBut now let´s celebrate this amazing ezine that just continuous to surprise and delight us! Remember the last editions and how full of entertaining and fabulous content they where?! Well, this one just top all of the other ones, the articles have been increasing its variety and the quality just gets better and better! We will give you just a sneak peek so don´t miss out on this fabulous articles!


But anyhow, just download this incredible piece! Since you are a contemporary lighting lover I bet you would love to read these articles on the train before going to work or even during breakfast, don´t lose it! It´s quite fantastic!The Spookiest TRENDZINE You’ve Seen So FarFASHION

Of course that even though they have amazing lighting articles and images they didn´t miss the fashion features! This winter is all covered up with the season colors and textiles!ARCHITECTURE

You can obviously count on some amazing interior design articles! Keep scrolling and you will learn more about this subject but here goes a hint just for you!UP TO ISTANBUL

And look at this place?! Who wouldn´t want to live in something like this?! And there is so much more from where this came from! There are so may interior design projects from all over the world right at a distance of a click! They are all absolutely gorgeous from simple Mid- Century Style in Istambul to Mid- Century Modern Pieces of Furniture floating in the waters of French Polynesia!The Spookiest TRENDZINE You’ve Seen So FarYou can now understand how fabulous this ezine is?! Don´t think so quick! There is more!! Surprised?! Well, that´s because you haven´t seen this ezine yet!

Here are some outstanding fabulous mirrors in a Mid- Century and modern Style! They look just great, hum? In which room of your house would you place one of this in?!


We really hope this brings you all the inspiration you need to keep going, day after day, project after project… So, let us know what you thought!The Spookiest TRENDZINE You’ve Seen So FarYOU MAY ALSO LIKE: TRENDZINE: YOUR BEST MID CENTURY DESIGN INSPIRATION

We hope you liked our article! Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Contemporary Lighting Ideas.

100 Contemporary Floor Lamps Free EbookAlso, download this FREE EBOOK and get some inspiration from this 100 Contemporary Floor Lamps.

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