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Novelties & Best Sellers Catalogue 2024
Arquitectural Lighting | Nov 28, 2016
10 Amazing Wall Lamps
10 Amazing Wall Lamps

Hi Guys! After a good long weekend, we made a special article for you to get inspired this Monday, we will present you 10 incredible and unique wall lamps!
So as you may know, light is a really important fixture for the decoration of a room! A division well illuminated often equals a great room decor, so keep up with us because these next wall lamps are just completely unique.DelightFULLYOU MAY ALSO LIKE: WORKSPACE MODERN LIGHTING INSIDE THE PIXAR ANIMATION

This next lamp as you can see is obviously a mind blowing piece! It´s from Delightfull and it´s called “Diana” and it´s a vintage piece of art, functional and well structured, it´s ideal to enjoy with your favorite book in the living room or bedroom due to its versatility. The colored diffuser gives it a charismatic look, for kids and adults. This vintage light’s structure is handmade in brass and the lampshade in aluminum with the switch on the top. Don´t you just love it?10 Amazing Wall LampsThis next wall lamp is great for the interior and exterior of your house, wherever you decide to use this lamp it will definitely look astonishing! The Coltrane wall lamp as a deep connection with innovation and the expressive music in Jazz. Taking these powerful connections created by John Coltrane it makes a magical and a smooth lighting effect for architectural environments10 Amazing Wall Lamps

DelightfullIf you look close enough you can see how amazing this wall lamp is! Koket is an incredible and luxurious brand that created this look a like “lace lamp” that´s stuck to the wall and it looks amazing! Unexpected twists in the magically evocative ribbon awaken your deepest senses! Exquisite hammered textures dance across the shining metal. Have you ever seen something like this?10 Amazing Wall LampsDo you like Nina Simone’s amazing talent?! Well this lamp is inspired in her so you´ll probably love it! The big lampshades, the asymmetric structure, the visible textile wire and the nickel plated details have resulted in a magical piece which will surely put a spell on you. 10 Amazing Wall Lamps

DelightfullInspired by the nostalgic vinyl player and a tribute to all blues, especially to one of the most creative and influential musicians of the 70´s: we present you Hendrix wall lamp! This singular mid-century modern light fixture captures your attention letting you the retro feeling of the acoustics of the Hendrix guitar and reminding us of the high fidelity audio reproductions, the acoustic sound passing to a melody of beautiful effects and reflections, created with tree symmetric light sources, casting a perfect caustic phenomena reflected that gives life to any living interiors. Just fabulous right?! 10 Amazing Wall LampsThe contemporary lighting piece VELLUM is the elegance of nature transformed by the man’s hand. It comes from the ancient manuscripts, where messages were written in VELLUM, a fine and translucent material. VELLUM wall lamp brings to the spaces the warm light of written stories passed through generations. This lamp has a story and at the same time has a contemporary style, it looks incredible!DelightFULLNIKU is the diminutive of Nikumaroro, part of the Kiribati islands group, known as the Phoenix Islands. Surrounded by the depths of the Pacific Ocean, it’s the beauty of the coral that makes NIKU wall lamp a rarity in contemporary lighting. Through its gold plated brass structure, 2 glass light globes emerge representing the wide diversity of ecosystems that inhabit this remote island. This contemporary lighting piece it´s just perfect for any wall in any division!10 Amazing Wall LampsExperience the molecular design, a new trendy sensation that few know. The Atomic wall lamp is a spot-on interpretation of the atomic age design. A set of round shades, aligned by an asymmetric composition to enhance non-conventional molecular forms. Each shade evokes an amazing effect on the walls. Conceived for modern settings, it’s ideal to be placed in a modern living room to surprise your guests, as well as in a modern lobby. Just imagine this piece on your wall! Wouldn´t it look great?10 Amazing Wall LampsDelightFULLAn expressive design inspired by jazz music, Galliano wall fixture has a sculptural shape and it’s versatile and yet contemporary. An extremely balanced design which gets even more beautiful when you see light being casted through its pipes. It looks beautiful, it has a modern style and it´s pretty incredible!10 Amazing Wall LampsLike the influential Jaco Pastorius jazz composer but also a gifted electric bass player, Pastorius wall sconce revives the 70’s design aesthetics with a dual character. The result is a sophisticated and highly functional piece with an extendable arm can be adjusted into different positions. Pure vintage. Its structure is made in brass and the lampshade in aluminum.10 Amazing Wall LampsBe seduced by the golden wall lamp Parker, a StilNovo sconce full of jazz groove. Amaze yourself with a true trumpet concept that´s only available to high standard projects. Well, you contemporary lighting lovers, only put ourselves for the best right? So this wall lamp is perfect for us!10 Amazing Wall Lamps


Guys take a look at this video! Such amazing designs!Guys take a look at this video! Such amazing designs!We hope you liked our article! Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Contemporary Lighting Ideas.

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