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Chandelier | Jan 17, 2017
Sustainable design shines bright by Adrian Lawson
Sustainable design shines bright by Adrian Lawson

Hi! Adrian Lawson, a sustainable design artist based in Sydney, mixed smart design with venetian blinds. Confused? Continue to read and you will understand.

Sustainable design shines bright by Adrian LawsonBorn in Colonsay, Scotland, Adrian recycled and improvised since it was an intrinsic part of the island living. It set in stone the directions for his future furniture design and building business. When he moved to Australia in 2009 he collected roadside rubbish and started to create.

Sustainable design shines bright by Adrian Lawson“Avalon”, his first collection, illustrates his design capacities and imagination! From Avalon Beach, his home based workshop, about the venetian blinds, he says “Once I dismantled some old blinds and studied the components I started wondering what they could be used for and lighting seemed the obvious choice as that’s what they are used for in the first place. The actual design of the shades is based on my interest in architecture particularly sky scrapers such as Harry Seidlers Australia Square which has long narrow vertical columns running its full length.”

Sustainable design shines bright by Adrian LawsonAlways with a green mind, he advises “When I was removing some old blinds from my house I noticed the good quality of the wood components and it came to my attention Australians throw out a lot of used blinds. It’s important to me because I was brought up in a remote rural area where recycling is normal, so I cannot bear to see such a good quality resource going to waste.”

Think green, people!

Editor’s Choice: Matheny Table LampSustainable design shines bright by Adrian Lawson

Now, we leave you with a beautiful video of an even more beautiful project this time in the heart of Portugal: the Covet House!

We hope you liked our article! Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Contemporary Lighting Ideas.100 Contemporary Floor Lamps Free EbookAlso, download this FREE EBOOK and get some inspiration from this 100 Contemporary Floor Lamps.

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