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Novelties & Best Sellers Catalogue 2024
Trends | Nov 3, 2017
Light’s Out: We’re Going To The World Cinema Day!

Get the popcorn and get settled, World Cinema Day is here!

World cinema day is coming and of course, we’re excited to share some of the best films that are closer to our heart. The enlightened days are coming so, take your favourite movie out, pull out the popcorn and you’ll find the best is coming your way!

Lights, Camera, Action… Get Reading!


Fifty Styles of Lighting:

Light's Out We're Going To The World Cinema Day! 5

If you are a lover of the mid-century style just like we are, you’ll find that this lighting style is everywhere and it surely fits into any of the home interior decors you’ll want to have in your home. When it comes to blockbuster, the picture is the same. When coming to get the best lighting possible, you’ll always find a way to charm your way into it. Proof of that is the way DelightFULL celebrates this 7th Art of the world. Been a constable present in the best films. We’re talking about how the iconic moves of the queen of the music presented the world in this mid-century style lighting design. The sinuous moves, the unforgettable style… We can’t escape Turner and for sure the 50 Shades of Grey staff couldn’t either.


50 Shades of Lighting Again

Light's Out We're Going To The World Cinema Day! 6

When it comes to charm your way into it or just calmly be in a presence without being noticed, being the key factor in a room without heads turning we’re talking about Coltrane. The secretive style fits into the decor so well, and of course, Mr Grey couldn’t pick better to share his secrets with!


The 50 Shades Files!

Light's Out We're Going To The World Cinema Day! 2

Once again, I found myself in the mysterious world of Mr.Grey. With authentic taste in lighting, we couldn’t really be far from this one! The unstoppable force of the Amy Table lamp, inspired by one the most iconic jazz musicians vibrates with pulsing energy alongside the mid-century modern design lighting option such as Ike Floor!


Light's Out We're Going To The World Cinema Day! 7

But as the 7th art is moving along, the TV style is as well. With some cinematic pieces coming our way with so much charisma and style we couldn’t help but have the best in this selection. So, we present you…


The world of Luke Cage.

Light's Out We're Going To The World Cinema Day! 1

Yes, I love superheroes, yes they are trendy, yes, I wish I could meet them all, even for an autograph! The superhero world has been a trend for quite a while and we couldn’t help but find the best options around the world… But this holds a special place in my heart because the mid-century modern sophistication is so well represented… I could only be talking about Botti Chandelier.

Light's Out We're Going To The World Cinema Day! 4

… and another one to get the superpowers you’re craving on this fine day of Fall. We present you with the best of the mid-century modern style in the world of power… the  Coltrane Floor!


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