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Design | Mar 19, 2019
Enter The Coveted World Of High-End Italian Furniture!

High-End Italian Furniture Embellishes Italian Market!

In anticipation for the upcoming Italian design tradeshow, Isaloni del Mobile, in Milan, we wanted to make an article that showcases the best traits from the high-end Italian furniture market.


Best High-End Italian Furniture Brands

Best High-End Italian Furniture Designers

Best High-End Italian Furniture Arts and Crafts

1 – Best High-End Italian Furniture Brands

high-end italian furniture

Living room furniture by Baxter, we all recognize the high-end Italian furniture market, and we all would love to get the chance to work alongside some of Italy’s greatest names in the industry.


Launched in 2012, Roberto Cavalli home features a wide range of furniture and interior design pieces that are part of the high-end Italian furniture market. With such a vast range of furniture pieces, Roberto Cavalli is able to supply all sorts of various interior decor styles.

When discussing high-end Italian furniture, it«s almost imperative that you talk about Armani Casa. If you are looking for luxury furniture, that is made in Italy, then Armani Casa is part of that conversation.

In case you are looking for more contemporary and mid-range furniture pieces that still have that high-end Italian furniture DNA, then Poliform is the right one for you. With large commercial and residential success, Poliform showcases high-end Italian furniture arts and crafts at a more budget-friendly range.

Although Boca do Lobo is a Portuguese furniture brand, you can’t deny the fact that Boca do Lobo is up to par with some of the most luxurious high-end Italian furniture brands. Each piece is a piece of art and each piece represents centuries of craftsmanship.

2 – Best High-End Italian Furniture Designers

Piero Lissoni is part of Italy’s golden boys, a group that represents the modern high-end Italian furniture scene. A world-wide phenom, Piero Lissoni took the high-end Italian furniture market to a global scale.

An architect and designer that features some of the best high-end Italian furniture technics and design.

Antonio Citerio is a legend of the Italian Design Industry. One of the pioneers of internationalizing high-end Italian furniture. An all-time great and a contemporary influence for any Italian designer that is part of the high-end Italian furniture market.

3 – Best High-End Italian Furniture Arts and Crafts

Murano Glass preserves the arts and crafts of Venetian glass. With a luxurious and coveted presentation, Murano Glass showcases a particular technique that is appreciated worldwide. With a huge amount of attention and knowledge, the art of Murano Glass is something that represents quality high-end Italian Furniture.

Tile painting is an art form that is close and part of the Portuguese cultural heritage. An iconic white tile that was hand painted blue is something that demonstrates some of the best arts and crafts of the Portuguese culture. Definitely, a style that could be part of the high-end Italian furniture world.


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