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Floor Samples | Jul 22, 2019
Best Deals: Mid Century Lamps Everyone Wants!

It’s Monday and it’s time for your favorite caption of the week!

On this week’s Best Deals, Contemporary Lighting ‘s Blog, once again, did your homework and searched and selected the best of the lighting market! See which are the mid century lamps everyone wants, at the best price, and see how you can get it!


Best Deals: Mid Century Lamps Everyone Wants!

Brubeck wall lamp is one of the most sophisticated and elegant mid-century lighting designs of DelighFULL – the Portuguese mid-century brand. Inspired by the classics of the mid-century era, this wall lamp is one of the favorite choices when it comes to contract and hospitality projects.


Best Deals: Mid Century Lamps Everyone Wants!

A mid-century lamp, however a versatile piece that will fit in any style décor or room of your house.

Best Deals: Mid Century Lamps Everyone Wants!

Handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques from the past to produce these master pieces in order to continue elevating design and craftsmanship, you can customize the piece. Choose another color, finish, and size and create your own mid-century wall lamp.

Best Deals: Mid Century Lamps Everyone Wants!

Brubeck has another member of its lighting family. A handmade in brass pendant lamp that will give that extra glow to your house décor. The best part is that the gold plated version is at its best price!

Best Deals: Mid Century Lamps Everyone Wants!

Coltrane suspension is definitely of of the best sellers of the brand, due to its minimalistic style that pretty much fits in any style décor, specially the Scandinavian design.

mid century lamps

Insider tip: display more than one coltrane suspension lamps with different heights and create a unique and mesmerizing lighting effect!

Coltrane suspension is handmade in brass and you can change the color, finish, and the size! Besides that you can also change the type of bulb and temperature of the lighting. However, if you are into the standard version (Black matte and gold powder paint), you can have the opportunity to have this piece at the best price of the market!

Best Deals: Mid Century Lamps Everyone Wants!

Coltrane wall version is a similar design that goes along very well with contract and hospitality projects and you can put it together with other lighting designs.

Best Deals: Mid Century Lamps Everyone Wants!

Coltrane is, e again, handmade in brass and it’s customizable. If you’re willing to go for the matte black and gold powder paint version, we have great news for you!

mid century lamps

Alongside with Coltrane lamp, Galliano Lighting Family is one of the best sellers of the grous. The lamps have similar design, however with a cut edge. The lighting effect is as mesmerizing as the previous one.

mid century lamps

Galliano is handmade in brass, and if you’re willing to go for the matte white or black version, you should definitely click on the button to get the best discount ever!

Diana Floor Lamp

mid century lamps

DeligthFULL’s Floor samples section wouldn’t be completed without Ike Pendant Lamp. With a typical Scandinavian design, this minimalistic design will be perfectly displayed on the side of a mid-century armchair or above a kitchen’s balcony to create the perfect atmosphere.

mid century lamps

Ike is handmade in brass and aluminum, and you can pretty much change all the features to turn it into yours! However, the standard version has a special discount that you won’t lose it!


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