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Design | Mar 25, 2020
Audio Room Design – Learn Some Easy Steps! 🎶
Audio Room Design – Learn some easy steps!

If you are a music lover, you may want a perfect audio room in your house. Worry no more, we’ll teach how to make your dream come true!


Audio room design is something all music lovers have to give serious thought to, it’s really difficult to balance sound with other elements. But here we will show through some steps how to achieve an ideal audio room, perfect for recording music or just for those who love to listen to it.

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Step 1: First, you need to have a proper space to build your audio room, can you arrange it? The perfect space for a audio room is a place free of noise pollution and outdoor distractions. The room’s design is usually build up of a two-channel audio system and a place to sit to record or listen to music.

Audio Room Design – Learn Some Easy Steps! 🎶

Step 2: You must choose carefully the audio equipment, it must be the most indicated for the dimensions of your room and also there’s a specific place to put those equipment to achieve the best sound possible, you have to test to find the best spot. It’s actually all about acoustics, choosing the right speakers for your room, placing them so they interact favorably with standing waves, and optimizing reflected sounds through acoustic treatment is the basic step for a perfect audio room.

Audio Room Design – Learn Some Easy Steps! 🎶

Step 3: After having the best speakers for your audio room, you need (of course!) music. That’s actually your choice, it depends on your taste in music, do you like rock or classical music? Pop or country?

Audio Room Design – Learn Some Easy Steps! 🎶

Step 4: You can’t just put some music equipment and choose some music. You may give some soul to the room, you can keep it simple but you have to add at least some lighting and decoration. In terms of lighting, we have a lot of options for you, DelightFULL is all inspired in music composers, the perfect selection to add a beautifull vibe to the room.

Audio Room Design – Learn Some Easy Steps! 🎶

Step 5: Enjoy! What’s the point of having all this trouble to build up this amazing audio room if you don’t take the time to actually enjoy it. Write some songs and record it. Or sit in the couch and listen to some music and forget about all the problems for a while.


Audio Room Design – Learn Some Easy Steps! 🎶

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche



Did you like our audio room ideas?

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