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Design | Oct 23, 2020
Fly To The Moon With This Mid Century Lighting Family 🌙

Are you thinking about a home renovation? If you’re a bold person, always seeking for the latest and most different design trends, you’ve landed in the right place! Space themed décor is one of the main choices of 2020, and we’ll tell you how you can have an elegant design with this special mid century lighting family, inspired by the first man that ever stepped on the moon’s surface! 

When speaking about mid-century design, there is a lighting brand that pops immediately in our head, and yes, it’s DelightFULL! The Portuguese design brand is the final result between the elegance of the mid-century design and the boldness of the Jazz Music Industry.

All the pieces were inspired by iconic Jazz figures, however the design team has also created other lighting designs to pay a tribute to the best discoveries of humankind. Space exploration was one of them, and Neil Lighting Family was designed thinking about the first man that ever stepped on the moon, Neil Armstrong!


Space, it’s something big and we don’t even know 1% of it all. It triggers us, it makes us question a lot of things, but it is so beautiful to look at. Looking, at night, to the stars in the middle of the summer. There’s something beautiful and triggering to that space above us. So, today we’re going to take a look at different space-themed decorations. Get inspired not only by the amazing designer pieces and rooms you’ll see but, also by the possibilities you have to ‘bring some space into your own house’. So, buckle up, let’s start the 🚀 rocket engines and enjoy your trip to space with the one and only Vintage Industrial Style Blog.


Lighting fixture is one of the most important features of a home décor. Using both, natural and artificial lighting, can emphasize volumes and shapes to a room, adding depth and contrast to it.

That is why it’s crucial to find the right lighting piece. DelightFULL has a team of product specialists, always ready to help! All the pieces are handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these master pieces, in order to continue elevating design and craftsmanship. The company offers the chance to change the color, finish, size, number of layers, number of pipes or shades, and even the type of bulb, so you can have your unique bespoke lighting design piece.

Fly To The Moon With This Mid Century Lighting Family 🌙

Neil Lighting Family has 3 members – the suspension, wall and floor version – and the design studio created it to pay a tribute to the amazing and ambicious Neil armstrong, the first man that ever stepped the moon. Inspired by the round shapes of planets and space exploration, this lighting family will be the best to add to your home renovation and have an elegant space-themed décor! 


Fly To The Moon With This Mid Century Lighting Family 🌙

Neil is a modern chandelier with round arcs and spherical diffusers, that were inspired by the golden years of space exploration in the 60’s. It has 8 arms with rotating spheres to cast light to wherever you need in order to create the perfect mood – a rare feature on chandeliers. Therefore, this iron chandelier casts ambient light in all directions. It also offers the choice of having only 4 of the 8 diffusers lit on. With a structure handmade in iron and 8 lamp shades in iron, Neil black chandelier has a mid-century modern design with glossy black exterior and a matte black interior finishing.


Fly To The Moon With This Mid Century Lighting Family 🌙

Neil wall is just the perfect piece of retro lighting design you’ve been waiting for. A superb piece of remembrance of the retro style designs, Neil has a modern twist to it. Its elegance and the fluidity of its shape blend perfectly into a modern home design or in a hospitality design project. A modern retro wall sconce, this mid-century inspired wall light adds the innovation touch with its two soft round shapes that allow soft, elegant casts of light into any room.


Fly To The Moon With This Mid Century Lighting Family 🌙

Neil floor lamp is a reminiscent lamp of the golden years of space. Around, brass base secures a black matte stem reaching up into three glossy black finished lampshades with a futuristic style. The three arms with flexible lights provide a good peripheric light range. The elegance of the continuous flowing center tubes gives a floating sensation to the whole piece, that would be perfect in a retro style living room next to a lounge chair or in a luxurious lobby. The gold plated body is the ultimate detail in this retro floor lamp.

Fly To The Moon With This Mid Century Lighting Family 🌙


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