Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors


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Designers | Oct 20, 2021
Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors

Rose Uniacke is an interior designer, a designer of furniture and lighting – for individual clients as well as for her showroom – and a dealer in both antiques and pieces by other, usually well known, designers. In this article, we will talk about the serene interiors from Rose Uniacke!


Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke believes strongly in combining the old and the new. It’s one of the defining characteristics of her style as an interior designer and curator of spaces. She and her team work internationally but are based in Pimlico, in central London, in spacious premises that serve as a showroom and, below stairs, a design studio and offices. They also work with independent craftspeople in different parts of the country. The Sunday Times has called Rose The Queen of Serene. What Rose’s interiors have in common is warmth, weightlessness, character and an extraordinary serenity. In 2013, Rose won the Andrew Martin Interior Designer of the Year Award, often described as the Oscar of the interior design world.

Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke leads all design projects and is a central figure in all client relationships. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, getting to know clients, understanding their needs and preferences. No two clients have the same lives, tastes or dreams, just as no two interiors have the same light, proportions, history or personality. Rose’s interiors, therefore, differ markedly from one another. However, they all reflect her personal aesthetic: her predilection for light, air and space; her pursuit of both simplicity and refinement; her emphasis not only on restraint but also on softness; and the importance she attaches to materials and to texture.

Rose Uniacke – Richmond House

Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors

This imposing manor house in Richmond, London typifies Rose Uniacke’ sensitive approach to the restoration of an important listed building, originally built during the reign of Charles 11 then extended during the Georgian period. Taking her queue from the purity of the houses historic features, the wide oak boards, impressive Adam fireplaces and cornicing, Rose embarked on a process of peeling away subsequent decorative layers to reveal the buildings’ original proportion and authentic spirit. This is a light filled, restful family home where the past and the present harmoniously co-exist, with calm uncluttered spaces and an understated atmosphere of refinement and elegance. Modern luxury is respectfully and unobtrusively integrated within the structure of the old building.The subtle sunny palette and organic textures of marble, wood, slate and linen contribute warmth, authenticity, and serenity. An important collection of African art injects a contemporary energy, juxtaposed with the more traditional Georgian elements of furniture and panelling.This masterful blend of traditional and modern materials, artworks and finishes and striking combinations of antique with contemporary pieces, including many of Rose Uniacke‘s own design – has resulted in an effortlessly comfortable retreat, celebrating the building’s historical integrity whilst delivering a timeless modernity and freshness.

DL New Product

Rose Uniacke – Mayfair Apartment

Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors

Open fires, open shelving, opulent materials and natural textures combine to create a restful, gracious, quietly English home. Rose Uniacke was asked to design this apartment by a private client who wanted a simple, comfortable retreat. It is set in the attic space of a period building in Mayfair, in central London, that had lost many of its original period details. Rose Uniacke’s goal was to create an interior of interest, charm and softness within a relatively minimal setting. Her design included, in the main living space, a fireplace wall with inbuilt bookshelves and log storage; and a custom-built wood and marble kitchen that can be partitioned from the dining area with rich yet unobtrusive drapes. Fine antiques and opulent, yet understated, materials lend the apartment depth and graciousness.  Meanwhile, a refined palette, subtle lighting, open shelving and a mix of natural textures such as wood, plaster and the finest linens together create a harmonious interior that is warm, welcoming and restful.


Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors

Aretha Suspension Lamp | DelightFULL

Rose Uniacke – Battersea House

Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors

The creation of a contemporary London home without disturbing the building’s Victorian history or context. The client knew he wanted a fairly contemporary approach, and he had started working on joining the two buildings together with architects Eldridge Smerin. “I came in on the project after the plans had been drawn up, and they’d done a really nice job, but my thought was, Let’s do more”. Rose’s approach to this interior goes beyond delivering a captivating curation of furniture, textiles and accessories. Rose Uniacke‘s “more” included gutting then integrating the two buildings to create a unified living space for the client and his family. This approach lead to the creation of a contemporary London home without disturbing the building’s Victorian history or context.

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Rose Uniacke – Pimlico House

Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors

A major restoration, this grand private house combines comfort and friendliness with grandeur and elegance. This exceptionally large nineteenth century London house was originally a professional artist’s combined studio, gallery and private residence. Rose undertook a complete renovation of the property and turned it back into a family house: a single dwelling with an internal courtyard, cinema, wine cellar, spa and pool. It was a major project, requiring extensive restoration work. This included the removal of a heavy, unsympathetic staircase, installed following bomb damage in the Second World War, and its replacement with a 12-ton cantilevered stone staircase, more typical of the original building. A restrained, subtle palette, a pared-back approach to furnishings and decoration, and organic, untreated textures such as marble, untreated wooden floorboards, limestone slabs and rough linens work together to give the house warmth, energy and serenity. So, too, does the mix of old and new art; and old and new furniture: fine, elegant antiques and pieces of Rose Uniacke‘s own design. Undeniably one of the loveliest houses in London, this is at once a modern house, a historic house and a house that has been given back its soul.

Rose Uniacke – The Buckingham

Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors


Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors

Miles Table Lamp | DelightFULL

Rose Uniacke – Holland Park Apartment

Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors

Rose Uniacke is an internationally renowned designer, known for her mastery of light and space, and her pursuit of purity and refinement. Detailed yet apparently simple, Rose Uniacke’s work draws upon historical influences, combining restrained richness of character with warmth, serenity and a timeless elegance. The vision for Holland Park Villas is one of understated luxury and refinement. Using natural materials and organic textures Rose links the interior spaces to their dramatic exterior context. Soft drapes frame verdant park views through the full-height windows, blurring the boundaries between inside and out. Impeccable workmanship and superlative organic materials unify the scheme of stone, marble, leather, velvet and cashmere, linen and hard-woods. To complete the scheme, the walls throughout have been softened with a specialist paint finish and hung with an expertly curated collection of significant artworks and photography including pieces by Michael Landy, Anish Kapoor, Ibrahim El-Salahi and Victor Passmore. This juxtaposition of old with the new is characteristic of the effortless blending of antique and modern elements that has formed the cornerstone of Rose Uniacke‘s international reputation. The organic narrative is established in the masculine retreat of the study where textured linen upholstery and full soft curtains are offset by a striking Terrão Bench by the Brazilian designer Domingos Tótora.

Rose Uniacke – Jo Malone Headquarters

Rose Uniacke, The Queen of Serene Interiors

A luxury fragrance and lifestyle company, for which Rose Uniacke has created a fresh, light, airy interior that is both tranquil and uplifting. It is a space that is understated yet characterful, with some dramatic details and distinctive, high quality antiques. Jo Malone commissioned Rose Uniacke to design their global headquarters: a Regency town house, in central London, comprising offices, a generous drawing room, a room for large meetings and a smaller, cosier garden room for more intimate gatherings. It is an interior of interesting contrasts: some subtle, some more striking. It is a space that is understated yet characterful, with some dramatic details and distinctive, high quality antiques. The reclaimed wood floors and wild greenery soften the architecturally imposing setting and hint at the botanical origins of the brand’s renowned perfumes, candles and cosmetics. Its pale walls and generally neutral palette contrast excitingly with the black detailing that appear throughout, an allusion to Jo Malone’s product packaging; they are also the perfect foil for the opulent fabrics, distinctive antique furniture and intricate mouldings that are important features of the scheme. The definition of understated luxury, it pays subtle homage to the 18th-century grandeur of the townhouse in which the offices are located.




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