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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel
Contemporary Lighting | Mar 15, 2016
Mid century modern design

Our Inspiration of the day is the Mid Century Modern Design by Gisbert Pöppler.
Gisbert Pöppler Architecture and Interior (Berlin) combines the deep knowledge of architecture, interior design and custom designed furnishing in one boutique studio.
The mission is to bring  together a comprehensive understanding of space, color, light and fittings and orchestrate a full environmental experience – connecting rooms with an overarching concept that links and unifies. Exuberant flourishes are tempered with Northern European restraint, creating harmonious hybrids of unexpected elegance.

Mid century modern design

In this first space, it is obvious the combination of many different materials, from different shapes, colors and textures.
It is an overwhelming and full of life environment, with mid-century details/inspirations from the materials to the colors.

Mid century modern design

This office space, combines the different origins and shades of wood of the floor and the furniture, with the industrial colorful touch of the central lighting piece called Sinatra byDelightFULL.

Mid century modern design

It’s no an “Elephant in the Room” but a Rhino in the room. This bedroom is full of details and colors, materials and shapes. Several inspirations are visible, but, in our opinion, the central piece of the room is the big picture of a rhino on the wall, that call all the attention and give the edgy touch contrasting with the classic decor in the rest of the set.

Mid century modern design

A cleaner and softer area, with white walls and different shades of gray in the furniture and the paintings.  Books on the sideboards complement the decor.

Mid century modern design

A bedroom with violet shades on the wall, with different textures and fabrics used on the bed setting, and colorful black and gold details on the curtains, that give the way to a black and white bathroom that contrasts with the energy of the bedroom.

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