See How Chandeliers can Illuminate your Bathroom


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Draga Aurel House Draga Aurel House
Chandelier | Apr 8, 2016
See How an Chandelier can Illuminate your Bathroom

You might think “it’s impossible to have a chandelier in my bathroom”. Well? Sorry, but you are wrong, my dear.

Today, we bring you seven examples brought by seven designers who chose to add extra flourish with statement lighting adding glamour and sophistication.

Tile and fixtures can now no longer be the center stage in a bathroom!

Tom Stringer Design Partners

1_See How Chandeliers can Illuminate your Bathroom_tom-stringer-design-partners-portfolio-interiors-stylesTom Stringer Design Partners creativity is simultaneously rooted in the classics while offering clients a multi-layered and modern approach to color, texture and personal interests.

Studio Gild

2_See How Chandeliers can Illuminate your Bathroom_studio-gild-portfolio-interiors-stylesNamed “Ones to Watch” in Architectural Digest’s April 2016 issue, Studio Gild is a Chicago-based interior design firm co-founded by Melissa Benham, Jennie Bishop and Kristen Ekeland in January 2014.

Tommy Chambers Interiors


The design process is an intimate union between designer and client. Tommy Chambers are collaborating to create not just a home, but a lifestyle. Each project is individually conceived and meticulously crafted to accommodate all the needs of their clients.

McLaurin Interiors

4_See How Chandeliers can Illuminate your Bathroom_mclaurin-interiors-portfolio-interiors-stylesMcLaurin Interiors is owned and operated by designer Maria McLaurin. A full-service interior design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, McLaurin Interiors has completed projects throughout the greater Atlanta metro area, as well as, Florida and North Carolina.

Semerjian Interiors5_See How Chandeliers can Illuminate your Bathroom_semerjian-interiors-portfolio-interiors-stylesCredit: Rebecca McAlpin

Ani Semerjian is known for creating interiors that are elegant, sophisticated, luxurious and functional. She believes that lifestyle and beauty dictates all design and every interior should reflect her client’s way of life.

Adelene Keeler Smith

6_See How Chandeliers can Illuminate your Bathroom_adelene-keeler-smith-portfolio-interiors-stylesAdelene Keeler Smith has been working in the interior design industry spanning three decades. Before founding her own design studio, she worked for several of Miami’s most prestigious architectural and interior design firms.

Elena Calabrese Design & Decor

7_See How Chandeliers can Illuminate your Bathroom_elena-calabrese-design-decor-portfolio-interiors-contemporary-bathroomElena Calabrese Design & Decor creates modern interiors designed to nurture, inspire, and reflect a unique Californian point of view.

Source: Dering Hall


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