10 Contemporary Lighting Ideas for your Dining Room


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Draga Aurel House Draga Aurel House
Contemporary Lighting | Sep 15, 2016
10 Contemporary Lighting Ideas for your Dining Room
10 Contemporary Lighting Ideas for your Dining Room

Today´s article is all about contemporary lighting ideas for your dining room. Our main goal here is to try to help you find the idea that suits you perfectly. After reading this post, you will have one more reason to love your meal time and your kids won´t have any reason to throw a tantrum when is time to lay the table. So, get ready, relax, and bon appétit.


We have it all. Classic, modern, mid-century, you name it. The final decision is up to you. Choose wisely.

10 Contemporary Lighting Ideas for your Dining RoomThis is what you call a familiar lamp. Perfect to illuminate your table center, and to give that fabulous light that proportionates joy to your meals.

10-contemporary-lighting-ideas-for-your-dining-roomWhat about candlelights? The most romantic scenarios can be expected. Also is always a viable option if by any reason the lights go out.

10-contemporary-lighting-ideas-for-your-dining-room3Here you can see a beautiful chandelier. Perfect for round tables due to the light scheme. If you notice the ceiling you can see how the light conduction processes itself, and you can see how the format resembles a circular shape. That’s the reason why this kind of chandelier is perfect for round tables.

10 Contemporary Lighting Ideas for your Dining RoomVery elegant and classic chandelier, it has luxury written all over. Perfect to go with white and beige shades. This one looks like was taken from a “beauty and the beast” animation. Impossible not to notice the excellence design that it “breathes”.

10 Contemporary Lighting Ideas for your Dining RoomBrass finished lamps are one trendy option too. Easy to incorporate in any environment due to his versatility to combine with darker and whiter tonalities. According to the shape, you decide if you want something more classic or modern.

10 Contemporary Lighting Ideas for your Dining RoomGlass chandeliers are never out-dated because the variety is huge and this means that you have hundreds of options. We leave this choice up to you.

10-contemporary-lightingLike glass lamps, patterned lamps are never démode. They are always nice to “play” with the furniture and accessories that you may have.  However, is better if you keep it simple, because when the lights go on you don´t want people talking about your lamp for the worst reasons.

10-contemporaryWow! Picture this beauty above your dinner table. Artistic lamps are trendier than ever been. You can turn the TV off and gather your family around the table. If you are wondering the name of this one, is called Clark (by DelightFULL) and is a true masterpiece. And if you look closer, you will notice a very special guest waiting by the sofa: we are talking about Sinatra (by DelightFULL).

10-contemporary-If you are looking for a modern design, acrylic lamps can be the solution. They fit perfectly on this type of design than in the traditional one. Looks very cool, doesn´t it?

LAMPSAnd last but not least, Geodesic form lamps. Immortalized by Tom Dixon, these ones are a truly classic. Glamourous and mind blowing design that will give a new life to your dinner room. A must-have piece.


So? What will be your choice? We hope you liked today´s article. Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Contemporary Lighting Ideas. You can also take a look at our Instagram profile for frequent updates with inspiring content!

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