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Arquitectural Lighting | Nov 23, 2016
Destination: Contemporary Dream House
Destination: Contemporary Dream House

Well Guys in a world were in a minute we can have everything and in the next one we may lose it all, we all turn to one direction only: our dreams. So today we are here to give you a tour to your possible Contemporary Dream House!

With all the lighting fixtures you can possibly imagine here we go! Stick with me!DelightfullYOU MAY ALSO LIKE: WONDERFUL CONTEMPORARY LIGHTING IDEAS FOR THIS CHRISTMAS

So after seeing the outdoors above we are now going in the house. You just look straight ahead and here is what you see:Destination: Contemporary Dream HouseKeep going because the tour to your fabulous home is just starting! So has you walk through the hall you realize our great your house smells and how every piece just fits perfectly with your persona! You are still walking so as you look to your right, to see this incredible living room:Destination: Contemporary Dream HouseYou get out of the living room and across the hall you have another room so you can just relax or be with your friends and family! It a great space with some couches and a lot of light sheds from the ceiling, it looks pretty amazing! Just look at it!Destination: Contemporary Dream HouseBut of course, you still have a look to look at! You get out of this room and there are three doors on your left and one door at your right, just after the staircase! Of course, you turn left to see your amazing Kitchen!Destination: Contemporary Dream HouseYou grab something to eat and then keep moving to the other divisions! The next division is the dining room! It looks amazing and the lighting design looks just amazing!!Destination: Contemporary Dream House3ffd2339100d78890dc77da0c3052e9cSince you are at the first level of your Dream House you open the third door at your left to see one of your favorite divisions in the entire house: YOUR BEDROOM! It looks sophisticated and comfortable and its totally made to fit you completely!Destination: Contemporary Dream HouseRight in front of your room you have a bathroom! It´s pretty cool and it looks so sophisticated and it has a touch of the Mid- Century Style!Destination: Contemporary Dream HouseSo now your out of the bathroom and you just climb up the stairs! Well, now you see a common room that will give you access to three divisions.Destination: Contemporary Dream HouseSo you enter the first room and of course the first thing you see is your quite and particular office!Destination: Contemporary Dream HouseYou get out of this incredible and simple office to open up the door to the master bathroom, it´s absolutely marvelous! Here you can take you hot baths after a long day of work!Destination: Contemporary Dream HouseYou get out of this room to open the next door. It´s the room of your child, it looks amazing and you did it with all the care in the world! It truly is a door to another universe where you can play around with your kid in his very own space!Destination: Contemporary Dream HouseHope you liked the tour to your Dream House! WeDelightfullYOU MAY ALSO LIKE: WONDERFUL CONTEMPORARY LIGHTING IDEAS FOR THIS CHRISTMAS

Guys take a look at this video! Such amazing designs!

We hope you liked our article! Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Contemporary Lighting Ideas.

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