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Contemporary Lighting | Dec 23, 2016

Today you can get inspired with some insane Christmas decorations from around the world! Well, we sometimes we have some crazy traditions in our own town that we are not even thinking they are actually weird to the rest of the world because we are so used to it!

So stick around to see if your town comes in this list and if you think there is an insane Christmas decoration around the world that is missing here just comment in the section that is at the end of this article!YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: WORKSPACE MODERN LIGHTING INSIDE THE PIXAR ANIMATION

So guys this next image is from Budapest in Hungary, It´s insane due to the fact that people really do go ou of their way to turn their cities into a magical place during this incredible season! The trams in this incredible city are surrounded by light and everywhere they pass the light is shed!INSANE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLDTokyo Festive Christmas lights set the Shinjuku business district aglow! If you work in a business district or if you don´t (and can just imagine what it would be like) one can say that it´s not the happiest place on earth but you guys know that this Season changes people and the world literally lights up! So walking in this business district after a stressful day at work would feel like be a cherry on top of the cake, don´t you think?! Pretty insane the amazing amount of lighting in this image right?!

INSANE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLDThe next in our list is Athens, precisely at the Syntagma Square! As you may know, Athenian people have a strong connection with the sea so here is their way of expressing it during this incredible season!INSANE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLDThe Vatican City has you can imagine is a pretty beautiful place to be at this time of the year! Their enormous Christmas Tree is worldwide recognized! This is because it is enormous and it´s located at the Saint Peters Square, the pope has a seat in the front road of this beauty! Insane right?CHRISTMAS DECORATIONSIn Brazil, São Paulo the downtown financial district lights up for this Season! In Brazil the weather is not so cold as we in Europe and North America are used to so spending this Season in South America should be pretty great right?! Just imagine a Christmas in the Beach!CHRISTMAS DECORATIONSSpeaking in the American Continent did you know that in Santo Antonio Texas there are some remarkable traditions happening at this incredible season has well? Well, they say that everything’s bigger in Texas and they are absolutely right! A 40-foot tall pair of boots just confirms everything! Pretty incredible right?! If your from Texas or if you saw this giant pair of boots please comment down bellow we would love to know more about it!CHRISTMAS DECORATIONSOn Hub Island in Pocheon, South Korea the Santa Claus Village wears a blanket of lights! If you look at this image you can tell how great and wonderful all of this actually looks! If you had or will have a chance to visit this Village please comment down bellow we would like to know more about this amazing tradition!CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS In Nice, France, the ornaments have an extra large size and you can actually go pass through them! Just imagine how great this actually look, just being on the street, under the cold weather but looking at this amazing view can it actually get better than this?! It´s Pretty insane right?! CHRISTMAS DECORATIONSYOU MAY ALSO LIKE: WORKSPACE MODERN LIGHTING INSIDE THE PIXAR ANIMATION

Now, we leave you with a beautiful video of an even more beautiful project this time in the heart of Portugal!

We hope you liked our article! Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Contemporary Lighting Ideas.100 Contemporary Floor Lamps Free EbookAlso, download this FREE EBOOK and get some inspiration from this 100 Contemporary Floor Lamps.

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