The mid-century modern Clark Kent


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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel
Arquitectural Lighting | Jul 19, 2018
The mid-century modern Clark Kent
The mid-century modern Clark Kent 1

Your hotel bar, dining room or office need urgently an alter ego? Behold the new mid-century modern Clark (Kent).

The object from DelightFULL arrived to give some great dining room inspirations to your place.


The mid-century modern Clark Kent 2

DelightFULL has done it again. Currently, in the market, is this brand that proves, one lamp each time, that contemporary lighting and mid-century décor are the ideal roots for any home design ideas.

The mid-century modern Clark Kent 3

Brass body (as most of the brand fixtures), this piece maintains DelightFULL greatest values like craftsmanship (100% handmade) and customization (as client pretends). An iconic symbol of jazzy moods (the body make us think in some kind of hornet), it is versatile to any type of home design style.

The mid-century modern Clark Kent 4

15 lbs. It is the weight of the following objects: The 2018 FIFA World Cup trophy all made in gold, and Clark in the standard version, all finished in gold plated.

The mid-century modern Clark Kent 5

The ability of this suspension lamp never stops and probably is the number one solution to give some dining room inspirations to hour house.

The mid-century modern Clark Kent 6

The methods used in production (by DelightFULL’s craftsmen) give an extra functionality to the light, using advanced design techniques to empower the performance and (at the same time) the comfort to your eyes.

The mid-century modern Clark Kent 7

Clark, the alter ego for mid-century modern décor, is one of a kind and represents all the soul that your place needs. Never forget, lighting is the thing that can make a place great (or not). It should be the crown of is habitat. It should be the real hero in action. And is the last word to assure the statement: Real heroes don’t wear capes!


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