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Color | Jul 24, 2018
Colorful Lighting Pieces…. Why Not?

Usually, bright colors and sophistication are not associated. Today, we are here to prove you wrong, by showing you elegant ambiances with colorful lighting pieces!

Contemporary Lighting’s Blog has gathered the best of colorful lighting pieces o show you that you can be classy with a hint of color. Everything in life needs to be balanced, such as design and décor. If you like color, however you are afraid to get a tacky décor … forget that thought! We are here to prove that you can have the best of both worlds!

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Colorful Lighting Pieces.... Why Not?

What a beautiful and elegante way to start this gallery! An elegant and fun decoration for your kid’s bedroom. Atomic Ceiling Lamp is the star of this room, and the best part is that the shade is glossy yellow just like the sun!  It is handmade in brass, which means that you can choose a bath or a color for the shade. Today, we are all about the color!

Colorful Lighting Pieces.... Why Not?

Atomic ceiling lamp is inspired by the molecular composition of the atom, thus representing a new found interpretation of the mid-century modern era. With a set of spotlights all arranged much like molecular forms, this modern ceiling light comes to redefine what mid-century lighting is all about.

Colorful Lighting Pieces.... Why Not?

This industrial living room décor would not be modern and elegant without the red lamps, are we right?

Left to Right:

Meet Diana floor lamp, the tallest floor lamp of Heritage collection. Diana is an industrial floor lamp with a mid-century modern design, perfect for big industrial lofts and artistic studios. Built out of steel with a nickel plated finish, this floor light has a giant lamp shade that features a glossy red lacquer on the outside and a matte white interior finishing.

Diana is a vintage table lamp inspired by some of the greatest design classics of the mid-century era. It is a handmade lamp built with materials such as brass and aluminum. Brass was used on the body, whilst aluminum was chosen for the shade. The aluminum shade is lacquered a glossy red on the outside and matte white on the inside, while for the body a nickel-plated finish was chosen. Start taking some notes!

Las Vegas calling? Then you’re set on the letter D. D for delight, dynamic, dreamer. Go for D if you an instant splash of the vibrant Las Vegas feeling into your modern home décor.

Colorful Lighting Pieces.... Why Not?

Diana pendant lamp is an industrial-inspired design that embodies all the simplicity and sophistication of the mid-century modern age. It is handmade in brass and aluminum. The body, built out of brass has a standard black nickel plated finish, while the shade features a standard matte red lacquer on the outside. However, it can be customized using any RAL color of your choosing.

Colorful Lighting Pieces.... Why Not?

If you ever find yourself listening to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra while drinking a cocktail in a mid-century bar, this lighting design will be there. A sculptural and versatile creation, the iconic modern floor lamp features three articulating arms handmade in brass that are adjustable in a variety of different locations in order to allow you to situate the lights exactly as you need it.

Colorful Lighting Pieces.... Why Not?

It was the first DelightFULL’s piece and it is still one of the most iconic ones! Usually, the clients like being bold and they choose a different bright color for each shade!

Colorful Lighting Pieces.... Why Not?

This colorful kitchen décor is fun and classic! Stanley retro pendant lamp is inspired by some of the most iconic lighting designs of the 1960s. It is handmade in brass and aluminum, with a nickel plated finish on the body, and glossy black lacquer on the outer part of lampshades. The inside is lacquered a matte white. With three adjustable arms, this mid-century modern lighting fixture has three counterweights all built of iron.

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Colorful Lighting Pieces.... Why Not?



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