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Design | Aug 13, 2018
Maison&Objet – Places To Go For Modern Décor Inspirations

Planning to go for Maison&Objet already? Here are some places to get modern décor inspirations outside the exhibition.

Maison&Objet is one of the best trades in the world, and one thing that helps (her) to get that statute is the number of places “outside their doors” that offer to the viewers contemporary fixtures, cultural icons or just some beautiful inspirations. Here are some of those places, where you will improve yourself. So take note for your next trip to Paris!


Maison&Objet – Places To Go For Modern Décor Inspirations 1

First time in Paris? So before you get to the incredible modern décor places you must go to the basics. Eifel Tower is a symbol of Paris and the best icon of France. Known worldwide is the perfect scenario to take a picture alone or with family/friends. This incredible place never leaves out of the trends and is a must see.

Maison&Objet – Places To Go For Modern Décor Inspirations 2

Arc de Triomphe is another one in the “must” category. Done by Jean Chalgrin, this one was inspired in Napoléon Bonaparte victories and is a symbol of the France power. Today is one of the world trendy places.

Maison&Objet – Places To Go For Modern Décor Inspirations 3

Photo © cometoparis.com

Now the Modern Art Nacional Museum of Paris. This one starts with the modern décor style suggestions and is perfect to get some modern inspiration, see some unique paintings shinned by contemporary lighting. Best of all (like the previous one): It’s free!

Maison&Objet – Places To Go For Modern Décor Inspirations 4

Photo © franceculture.fr

Paris wins (hoping on 2018 final months) another place to get contemporary designs and modern pieces of art. In the build of Bourse de Commerce de Paris will be installed the collection of François Pinolt. The selected place was (many years ago) a cereal trade center and the cost of the project is around 100 million (just for the museum).

Maison&Objet – Places To Go For Modern Décor Inspirations 5

Of course, the final one must be the number one museum in France and the world. Classic, contemporary, modern, mid-century, mid-century modern, everything has a place in Louvre and this one should be on your photos when you get back home.

We hope that you will love Paris as we do, and don’t forget, in Maison&Objet go take a coffee with DelightFULL (their well known for their guided tours on the city, at this time).


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