Get Up-To-Date With WestEdge Design Fair


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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel
News | Oct 18, 2018
Get Up-To-Date With WestEdge Design Fair

WestEdge is opening its doors to the public today, and we are here to give a rundown of what to expect from this Californian design fair.


WestEdge Design Fair

With over 5 years of experience, WestEdge in Santa Monica, California, quickly became the talking point of the Western Coast when it came to design fairs. With its target style being modern and contemporary furniture pieces that are tailored to every type of customer.

Floor Samples

As we previously mentioned, WestEdge isn’t exactly focused on a particular price range, as a matter of fact, this design fair has all sorts of brands, with price ranges that are flexible and are tailored for every budget. So, regardless of you budget you should definetly check this fair out, and you might see a piece of two that will catch your eye.

The main objetive of WestEdge is to introduce as many international brands as possible to the USA market. Offering special prieces and accomodations to any new and up and coming brand that is looking for that type of exposure. Investing most of their time and effort in attracting and accomodating fresh and new brands.

This year’s edition of WestEdge Design Fair will also introduce a new exhibition titles “Women’s Work”, an exhibition that showcases and highlights some of the main female figures in the design industry. A step forward in promoting newer ways of exploring the market and getting to know the role models of this industry.

To help visitors get the pieces that they saw at this design fair, Milk Stand is a pop-up shop and the solution to that issue, featuring pieces that are showcased at this fair. So customers have an easy and fast way of getting the piece that they saw at this fair.

With multiple design fairs spread throughout the United States, it is clear to see, that international presence and influence is something that the USA market needs, in order to develop and learn.


Floor Samples

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