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Contemporary Lighting | Mar 14, 2019
Cole Floor Lamp Is An Homage To Nat King Cole!

Nat King Cole’s Legacy Inspired Cole Floor Lamp

Today we pay homage to one of the trailblazers of mid-century jazz in the United States, today we celebrate Nat King Cole’s birthday (17/03/1919) and we celebrate it with a contemporary lighting piece, DelightFULL’s very own Cole floor lamp!


Born March 17th, 1919, Nat King Cole was one of the most important and impactful black personalities of mid-century America. One of the first African American to really have a successful and influential career in the entertainment industry. Helping and uplifting the black community into the show business world and become successful.

An important contributor to the music world, but also, to the civil rights movement that was part of mid-century America’s history.


cole floor lamp

Cole is a retro-inspired mid-century floor lamp. Inspired by the great Nat King Cole, this three-shade lighting piece features a contemporary vibe that works wonders with almost any modern interior design décor.

Enter the mid-century world with this sophisticated and intricate floor lighting piece.

Customization is one of Cole floor lamp’s strongest assets, being able to fully customize your floor lamp and have it be part of any modern style decor.

With three unique lamp shades, Cole floor lamp has the versatility and functionality that is a must for any modern floor lighting piece. With Cole floor lamp you can expect great value from just a single lighting source.

A perfect lighting piece for a good night read. Cole floor lamp is best accompanied by a great Scandinavian or Industrial setting, it can easily shine onto every corner of the room due to its three-shades layout.

cole floor lamp

cole floor lamp

With all the customization and versatility in the world, making Cole floor lamp a lamp that just blends with every interior design style. This mid-century modern floor lamp belongs in any Industrial or Scandinavian home.


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