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Design | Jun 24, 2019
How To Set The Perfect Faul Mid Century Living Room!

A new season demands a new home décor. Prepare your notebook so you can write down some ideas for your house renovation!

It’s time to look forward and check which are going to be the design trends for Fall/Winter 2019/20! Contemporary Lighting‘s blog has selected the top trends for the season and the curate design pieces you should get to set the perfect Faul Mid Century Living Room Décor!


How To Set The Perfect Faul Mid Century Living Room!

When speaking about mid-century décor there are two brands that immediately pops in our head, and both belong to the Portuguese Design Group, Covet. Essential Home and DelightFULL are mid-century design brands that offer curate design pieces, capable of creating mesmerizing ambiances that make us travel back to the golden years!

How To Set The Perfect Faul Mid Century Living Room!

The two brands have design pieces that were handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these master pieces, in order to elevate design and craftsmanship. Since they are handmade, the customer has the possibility of customization, where he can choose a different color, finish, size and type of fabric or bulb.

How To Set The Perfect Faul Mid Century Living Room!
Diamon Mirror – ESSENTIAL HOME

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what is the most beautiful home décor of them all? Accessories are just as important as furnishing and lighting, and they are able to change the course of the home décor’s balance. Diamon Mirror, for example, is an exquisite design, that will reflect whom you are and your deepest design wishes and needs.

How To Set The Perfect Faul Mid Century Living Room!

Speaking about the design trends for Fall and Winter, Mid Century is on the top of the list such as textures, clean lines, neutral colors and a suitable lighting fixture. Lighting is an important feature of a home décor, and it has become even more important due to the understanding of light and lighting.

How To Set The Perfect Faul Mid Century Living Room!
Matheny Table Lamp – DelightFULL

Contemporary Lighting’s Blog has selected this piece from the Heritage Colletion, because it captures the essence of the fifties, with a modern touch. Matheny is handmade in brass, and the base of the lamp can be in marble – also one of the top trends of the season!


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