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Contemporary Lighting | Aug 29, 2019
Get All The Outdoor Lighting Décor Tips And Suggestions Here!

Today at Contemporary Lighting we are going to talk to you about outdoor lighting décor. We will be giving you tips and suggestions that you might need in order to get that outdoor décor you are looking for. We will give you a handful of tips and lighting pieces that could work perfectly with outdoor style décor.


outdoor lighting décor

So, outdoor lighting… A tricky thing to talk about honestly. In terms of the market for it, we rarely really get to see and talk about outdoor lighting projects. Nonetheless, we here at Contemporary Lighting feel like we could give you a few suggestions for you to renovate your outdoor décor.

Graphic Collection
outdoor lighting décor

DelightFULL’s Graphic collection is a perfect example of how to diversify and give your outdoor home a more unique touch. DelightFULL’s Graphic collection gives you a glimpse into the mid-century world in the United States. With neon style lamps, or with bulbs, you can easily recreate that mid-century motel/diner vibe to your outdoor home.

outdoor lighting décor

Graphic collection is actually a really sought after collection in commercial projects. Many hostality projects want to have that throwback feeling to them, and they start with adding neon style lighting pieces to their outdoor and indoor décors.

outdoor lighting décor

Lighting fixtures are usually the perfect solution for outdoor lighting décor. You don’t really want a floor lamp, nor you want a suspension piece because you can’t really it nowhere. We always prefer a wall lamp.

And this Coltrane wall lamp is a perfect outdoor lighting piece that you can actually have. Featuring a contemporary design inspired by the mid-century style, you really can’t go wrong with Coltrane wall lamp and it’s iconic and timeless design.

outdoor lighting décor

Galiano wall lamp features a pretty similar design to Coltrane. Both of them are wall fixtures, and that helps a lot. In terms of outdoor lighting décor, wall lamps are usually what you want, they don’t obstruct anything and they look amazing, especially at night.

Galliano wall fixture offers a much smaller body and a smooth lighting effect, that is just perfect for outdoor décor. A contemporary wall lamp that will be a fine addition to any modern or contemporary residential project, looking to add a mid-century influenced touch to their home.


We hope you enjoyed our article on outdoor lighting décor!

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