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Outdoor lighting | Sep 14, 2020
Balcony Decor That Will Make You Never Want To Leave!
Balcony Decor That Will Make You Never Want To Leave

When decorating our homes, we should never forget about our outside space! Want to know how to step up your Balcony Decor game? Keep reading to find out!

The world outside is suffering right out with a huge pandemic issue and we’re recommended to stay home. However, social distancing doesn’t mean total isolation! If it’s possible for you, try to work from home and avoid leaving the comfort of your house unless absolutely necessary, but keep contact with friends and family, work out and, most importantly, get some fresh air from time to time! You don’t have to always be closed inside your home office or living room, and today we’re showing you how to give your balcony a new look, so that you want to stay there forever!


Balcony Decor That Will Make You Never Want To Leave

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Our home projects should always have comfort in mind, but after a while, we do get a bit tired of looking at the same walls! It’s important to take breaks and go outside, to breathe some fresh air and get that vitamin D! It’s not because we shouldn’t walk on the streets that we’re going to avoid the world – and that’s why we’re improving our Balcony Decor!

Some important things to have in mind when preparing our balcony for its change of look is that, whether big or small, they’re always going to need a comfortable seat and a table. Therefore, we can just sit outside, feeling the sun on our skin, reading a book, having breakfast, working with our laptops or even doing nothing – it’s up to you!

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Balcony Decor That Will Make You Never Want To Leave

Make your Balcony Decor even better by throwing some pillows on your personal chair or seats. They will make them look even more comfortable and appealing for you and all of your family who’s staying with you! To completely personalize it, try adding some outside accessories – there’s an infinite combination that you can play with, so that it never gets boring. And don’t forget to add some greenery, of all different sizes and shapes – biophilia decor matches Balcony Decor perfectly, bringing a lot of life and colour to your space. This is also the perfect time to work on your gardening skills, or perhaps start this new hobby!

After a long day of working inside your home office, relaxing a bit outside in your newly decorated balcony seems like the best idea! As the day progresses into the evening, outdoor lighting also becomes an important feature for your Balcony Decor ….

Balcony Decor That Will Make You Never Want To Leave

Natural lighting is definitely the biggest perk of creating this balcony corner, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also enjoy it in the evening or night. This Galliano Wall Lamp by DelightFULL will surely assist you in lighting up your Balcony Decor, and it won’t even clash with the rest of your decoration, due to its minimalistic style. It easily fits in every corner you desire, creating a unique lighting effect through its pipes.

Balcony Decor That Will Make You Never Want To Leave

When decorating your space outside, another great tip is to match the colours of your Balcony Decor to your space inside. Make it as bold or neutral as you would prefer, but if your balcony is right next to your living room, match the colours of both spaces so that it feels like an extension of the room. When you’re finally adding lighting fixtures, it’s best to go for minimalistic pieces that will look well with everything and that you can easily personalize!

Balcony Decor That Will Make You Never Want To Leave

Another great example of how less is more, DelightFULL’s Coltrane Wall Lamp is a beautiful contemporary-styled lamp prepared to be used in more humid atmospheres, making it a long resistant piece for your Balcony Decor. Its best feature is that, just like a puzzle, you decide how you want to style it: by itself or pair up to two iron tubes.

You have total control of how you can best personalize your Balcony Decor so it feels great to be home! With our recommendations, we’re sure you’ll love spending time outside in your corner, while keeping yourself safe!


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