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Novelties & Best Sellers Catalogue 2024
Projects | May 26, 2023
Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

In this article, we are taking everyone on a journey to discover the most fabulous 10 design projects from Tokyo, to get to know all the inspiration you need for this year! Tokyo is known as one of the biggest design markets in the world, especially considering the innovation factor that has brought into the design market.

Irabujima S Residence
Aoyama Nomura Design

Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

This amazing residence is located in Irubo, Okinawa and has the most amazing view! Aoyama Nomura Design is a high-end interior, architecture and product design established in Tokyo in 2006 by Ryu Kosaka, and since then became one of Japan’s most prolific company of designers and managers of architectural spaces.

Palladium Nightclub
Arata Isozaki

Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

This project was commissioned by entrepreneurs Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, owners of the also famous club Studio 54, and was conceived as a vibrant and luminous independent structure arranged inside a rather classic shell, which appears as a beautiful backdrop behind the clean geometry of Arata Isozaki.Arata Isozaki, one of Japan’s most iconic Architects, won this year’s Pritzker Prize, one of the biggest honours in the architectural world.


Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

Graphic Collection | DelightFULL

Roadside Station CANITTE
Atsushi Kitagawara

Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

The internal space is characterised by furniture made from natural materials such as wooden boxes for fresh fruits and vegetables. This furniture not only brings out the freshness of the goods but also brightens up the atmosphere of the shop. Atsushi Kitagawara Architects was founded by Atsushi Kitagawara in 1980 and reorganised into a corporation in 1982 in order to become a full-scale architectural firm.

Sorano Hotel Lobby & Restaurant
Curiosity Design Studio

Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

The entrance of the hotel features a ‘tent’ motif connecting an open lobby that creates a sense of unity, invoking the feeling of moving into another world in an instant. Curiosity is a multidisciplinary studio based in Tokyo, created by French designer Gwenael Nicolas. They work not only with bespoke interior design projects but also with architecture and product design.


The Oriental Terrace

Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

This amazing restaurant is located in Shizuoka and can also be used for wedding events. FHAMS has an incredible design team that has worked on a wide range of project types such as interior design, hotels, and retail. This company was founded by Ryotaro Ando, in 2000, and its main goal is to strive to pursue the finest quality and the most exclusive designs.

Room by Room Inspirations

SUMITOMO FORESTRY Komazawa Park Model House
Hashimoto Yukio

Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

This modern residence was built in 2014 and serves as a model house for the studio. Hashimoto Yukio works with projects from private restaurants, offices, retail and commercial spaces, to hospitality, restaurants, and cafes. His style is timeless and harmonious yet quite minimalistic.

Shibuara Island
Kanji Ueki

Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

This modern minimal residence was built in 2005 in Shibuara. Interior Designer and Director Representative of Casappo & Associates, Kanji Ueki was born in Tokyo in 1945. After graduating from Keio University, Kanji Ueki went to Italy, where he started to work for Aldo Jabober Architect Studio in Milan, but in 1975 moved back to Tokyo and established Casappo & Associates in Tokyo.

Taipei Dwelling
Koichi Futatsumata

Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

This beautiful residence was built in Taipei, in 2019. Koichi Futatsumata was born in Kagoshima, Japan. After graduating from the Department of Engineering and Architecture at Kyushu Industrial University, Futatsumata set up a design unit, CASE-REAL, and started his incredible professional career as an interior designer.

Nassim Park Residence
Naoko Takenouchi

Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

For the design of this penthouse apartment on Nassim Road, the internal layout was reconfigured from five to three bedrooms and the family room opened-up to the double-height space. Through extensive discussion, Naoko Takenouchi developed an elegant balance between both her style and the clients. Naoko Takenouchi completed a four-year degree course in design and glassblowing at Tama Art University in Tokyo, while taking time to attend the New York Experimental Glass Workshop.

1Premium Yakiniku Restaurant 
Ryoji Iedokoro

Fabulous High-End 10 Design Projects from Tokyo

Premium Yakiniku Restaurant is located in Tokyo on the first and second floors of a newly constructed building. The first floor features a long table in a cave-like setting. The second floor features semi-private floor seating with steel pipes mimicking trees acting as unobtrusive partitions. Ryoji Iedokoro constantly strives to help people realise the importance of architecture through their unique and innovative designs.



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