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Pinterest trends | Mar 25, 2024
6 Powerful Lighting Fixture Ideas To Upgrade Your Entryway Décor!

Contemporary Lighting Blog has found the best lighting fixture for your mid-century modern entryway décor, so grab your notebook and start getting some décor ideas!

Entryway décor is sometimes neglected, however it is an importan part of our house – after all, it is your welcome place! Call it entryway, hallway, entry hall, foyer, mudroom, entry or entrance, style and name often depends on the size of the room and the arrangement of space. Lighting Fixture is one of the main features of the decoration, so we put together a list of the best wall and suspension lighting pieces you can display on your entryway!

We all know that a first impression is quite important, so we have to see our entryway as the first impression of our home. It is often underestimated, however it is a space of great importance – for us and for our guests. We make several efforts to have the ultimate living and dining room décor, and we should be doing the same for the first place we see when we come home or when we welcome our guests. So this is the place we’re focusing on today! Here are the top lighting fixturewall and suspension pieces – you can display to enlighten your day, as soon as you get home!

An entryway can be a small part of our living room, a separated room, an entry hall or even a space by tht entrance of the door. Regardless of that, there is a lighting fixture that will adapt to any style décor!

    6 Powerful Lighting Fixture Ideas To Upgrade Your Entryway Décor! 🚪

Atomic ceiling lamp is inspired by the molecular composition of the atom, thus representing a new found interpretation of the mid-century modern era. With a set of spotlights all arranged much similar to molecular forms, this modern ceiling light comes to redefine what mid-century lighting is all about. Handmade in brass and steel by Portuguese artisans, Atomic ceiling light boasts an exquisite gold-plated finish on the body, while the shades are lacquered a glossy black on the outside and a gold powder paint on the inside.

Tip: Add some life to your entryway décor! Biophilia is the love for all things living and the key to biophilia design, such a trend when it comes to interior design. This idea has health, environmental, and economic benefits, and although its name was coined in recent history, indicators of biophilia design have been seen in architecture from as far back as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The appearance of the natural world, with its rich diversity of shapes, colors, and life, is universally appreciated and brings you several benefits, such as:

– Reduces stress levels
– Increases productivity
– Reduces sick days
– Makes workplaces more attractive
– Reduces pollution and cleans the air by reducing noise levels
– Boosts creativity levels


6 Powerful Lighting Fixture Ideas To Upgrade Your Entryway Décor! 🚪

Marquee Lamps are the ultimate design trend of 2020. This Graphic collection was inspired by LA, and we believe that the sky is the limit! Letter M has neon bulbs, and it can be placed on the floor or on the wall.

Tip: Letter M is an outdoor and indoor lamp, and since Summer is just around the corner, it can be placed in your garden décor for a family and friends gathering!


6 Powerful Lighting Fixture Ideas To Upgrade Your Entryway Décor! 🚪

Turner floor lamp was inspired by Tina Turner’s electrifying dance moves. This mid-century floor lamp has five large arcs made of brass and a semi-spherical top cover of aluminum lacquered in glossy white or any other RAL color of your choosing. With the possibility of rotating its arcs into the desired position, Turner floor light is perfect for anyone looking for a practical lighting design with a cutting-edge design.


6 Powerful Lighting Fixture Ideas To Upgrade Your Entryway Décor! 🚪

Turner wall lamp is another element of the famous lighting family Turner. An art déco piece with 5 movable arcs, honoring the memorable Tina Turner with her characteristic moves!


6 Powerful Lighting Fixture Ideas To Upgrade Your Entryway Décor! 🚪

Strict northern design rules meet a southern taste. Characterized by the rhythmic composition of its elements, minimalist shapes, and clean lines, Ike floor lamp is the result of a collaboration between a Dutch designer and DelightFULL’s designer’s team.


6 Powerful Lighting Fixture Ideas To Upgrade Your Entryway Décor! 🚪

Atomic wall light is a mid-century modern lighting design inspired by the atomic discoveries of the mid-20th century. With multiple round shades that resemble the molecular composition of the atom, this interior wall light can give a fun twist to a contemporary home decor. Its body is handmade in brass and steel, with both a glossy black and a gold-plated finish. The lamp shades feature a glossy black lacquer on the exterior, while gold powder paint is used for the interior shade. It is with a modern vibe that this indoor wall light creates a statement of mid-century modern design in a contemporary entryway.


We hope you liked this blog post about: 6 Powerful Lighting Fixture Ideas To Upgrade Your Entryway Décor! 🚪

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