Lighting ideas using contemporary lighting fixtures


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Draga Aurel House Draga Aurel House
Ceiling Lighting | Mar 3, 2016
Lighting ideas using contemporary lighting fixtures
contemporary lighting fixtures 2

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Ready for another bunch of good lighting ideas for your contemporary home? You deserve a contemporary home? And if you want a , you need to get your home some contemporary lighting fixtures.


Contemporary meand now, so if right now you want to update your home and be on top of the 2016 trends, go ahead! Your contemporary home might need an upgrade to some other types of lighting and we found the best way to convince you. We have some interior design tips for you: some contemporary lighting fixtures examples that you can use at your home design ideas to replace the old ones.

Lighting ideas using contemporary lighting fixtures DelightFULL (Copy)

Ceiling lights are, in a lot of cases, the best a room can have. Everyone wants to have a room with a beautiful contemporary ceiling light, where guests feels enlighten and can see all the corners of the room. Contemporary lighting is a great option for you to achieve this.

1. What type of ceiling lights?

The range of options is plentiful. Here are a few options to consider:

Flush mount fixtures: Flush mount fixtures hang flat against the ceiling and come in various styles. They are a good solution for providing ambient light from low ceilings; however, it can be difficult to change bulbs in flush mounted fixtures.

luxxu pendant light (Copy)

Luxxu Empire Chandelier

Semi-flush mount lights: Hanging about 4 – 8” from the ceiling, these fixtures are a cross between flush mount fixtures and chandeliers and provide ambient light.

contemporary lighting (Copy)

Island lights: With lights that hang at the end of a stem or rod, island lights are similar to pendant lights but may have two or three light sources vs. one, creating a larger pool of light.


2. What size ceiling lights should I consider?

This depends on where you plan to place the contemporary lighting fixture, but in general you want it to feel in proportion to your other room furnishings. Even if a chandelier is going to be the focal point, you don’t want it to overwhelm the space. In addition to the surrounding furnishings, you also want to take into account the size of the room and make sure the overall design of the room is balanced. Choose what fits best on your contemporary home.

Lighting ideas using contemporary lighting fixtures tom dixon (Copy)Lighting ideas using contemporary lighting fixtures 1

3. Which type of contemporary lighting fixtures should i pick?

This really depends what is the goal of this contemporary light fixture. The first fixture to consider is, no doubt, a ceiling light to lighten up the whole space, but anyway this option should fit and complement the whole space. So be careful choosing it. After that you just have to pin point the spaces where you want to have a light and work from there. For example, if we are talking about a bedroom you could choose a bedroom chandelier not even for the center of the room but for the bedside tables. Why not? Be pratical, but also don’t forget that your contemporary home must be perfect and using the best contemporary lighting fixtures!

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