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Designer Brands | Mar 30, 2016
The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary
The Artemide Lamps_ Design Icons of Contemporary

The Artemide Group is one of the global leaders of the residential illumination sector and high end professionals. Artemide Lamps are considered on an international level as Design Icons of contemporary design, and they are exhibited in most museums of modern art and design collections, such as MoMA – New York, Victoria and Albert Museum – London or Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica – Milano.

Floor Lamps 10 Stilnovo Floor Lamps for the perfect home design dl heritage 750

Founded in 1960s, Artemide is one of the most known illumination brands in the world. Known for its “The Human Light” philosophy, Artemide is nowadays synonym with design, innovation and made in Italy.

Altrove Wall/Ceiling & Suspension

The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary_altrove_wall

The Altrove Wall or Ceiling Light is composed of a mirrored stainless steel perimeter and a matte finish prismoptic lateral diffuser. Features mirrored polished aluminum reflectors and an engraved transparent methacrylate front diffuser. Two openings along the two opposing sides of the perimeter structure enable a wall washer emission to be obtained on the wall.

The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary_altrove_suspension

The Suspension Light features a cable suspended mirrored stainless steel perimeter with a matte finished prismoptic lateral diffuser and an engraved transparent methacrylate front diffuser with transparent PETG upper diffuser. Available with direct downlight only option or direct downlight and indirect uplight option, is Dimmable and standardly supplied with a 120V electronic fluorescent ballast.


The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary_aurora

Inspired by the Tiffany lamps in its interaction with light through stained glass, this suspension lamp offers a warm and pleasant combination of direct and indirect, controlled and diffused, white and slightly coloured light.Aurora expands the Artemide glass tech collection: with its clean and modern line, it comes as a reference to the light of the past through the material quality of hand-processed glass and the company’s light quality control skills.

Demetra Micro Table

The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary_demetra

Demetra micro, in the table and wall version with arm, offers the same freedom of the traditional version, i.e. utmost flexibility in directing light across space. While its power and flow are just slightly reduced compared to the classical version, it has all the same pluses in terms of operation and lighting performance. warm light tone very high Cri 90 light quality maximum performance. Dimmable with microswitch located on the appliance’s head, it emits warm light with a very high colour yield (Cri 90). Its dimension is therefore minimized to fit into the smallest spaces and to expand the range of potential applications of the entire Demetra family, ideal for work and hospitality locations, as well as for home use.


The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary

In Febe, everything is reduced to a minimum and built around the optical engine that, with maximum yield in minimum thickness, ensures excellent performance to illuminate an entire room. Febe has an elementary shape, yet a rich performance, it focuses on light emission and its formal simplicity makes it almost invisible in space. A uniform light disk protrudes from the surface of the ceiling/wall, the colour frame moves back inwardly and can only be seen from the side. Designed for home environments, its essential shape makes it fit for all spaces.

La Petite Floor

The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary_la_petite_floor

An archetypal lampshade balanced on a tilted stem. Simple elements, exquisitely combined into an amazing geometric composition, recall basic forms matched with different materials for technological reasons. Despite its plain and simple look, this lamp clearly conveys the skills of Artemide. The lampshade is a lightweight plastic volume closed by two diffusers that produce a pleasant soft direct and indirect light. The joint connects the lampshade with the aluminium stem on a minimal support. These simple elements are combined into a plain and elegant object, where the tilted stem is counterbalanced by the lampshade’s volume.

Wall version

The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary_la_petite_wall

Nur 1618 Acoustic

The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary_nur

The bestselling appliance Nur, an iconic product from the Artemide collection, is restyled in a new acoustic version. The bell-shaped body is designed to mark the boundaries through light, as well as with ambient sound control. The special material absorbs sound waves and reduces their reverberation time, the body’s geometry enhances the material’s properties by trapping and absorbing sound within. The selected colours, matched with a white inner surface, valorize light. Perfect environmental quality is thus obtained.


The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary_pan

“Pan reviews the concept of the classical reading lamp, which is formally and functionally adjusted to modern-day needs, by reintroducing a few formal details, such as the green diffuser, of the famous old style icon for elegant and exquisite locations.” Maurizio Scutellà
Pan is a remake of the classical lawyer’s lamp of the 1930s. Its geometry is reproduced in a streamlined version and its technology is updated.Starting from an iconic design, all the elements are simplified and given a new functional role related to the introduction of innovative technologies and advanced optical skills.The classical green diffuser becomes a carefully designed optical unit that conveys and emits the light of a LED strip fitted on its top based on refraction principles.

Spectral Light

The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary_spectral_light

“The lamp is made of 12 light wavelengths emitted by 12 LEDs of different semiconductors corresponding to 12 wavelengths peaks perceived by the living species we have chosen: human, dog, cat and plants. To avoid any unnecessary risks to people with macular degeneration related to age, we don’t emit short blue-violet wavelengths under a minimum of 470 nm, because the wavelengths between 415 nm and 455nm (and mainly at 430 nm) are dangerous to the retina of these people with AMD. Wavelengths which ultimately make up the lamp are therefore to humans 470 nm (blue), 534nm (green), 564nm (amber). For the dog 470 nm (blue) and 555nm (lime). For the cat 500nm (cyan) and 556 nm (green) and for plants 470nm (blue) and 662 nm (deep red). Then we group some of the 12 wavelengths between animal and plant species that are close.

Floor Lamps 10 Stilnovo Floor Lamps for the perfect home design bb lighting 750

We then multiply the number of LEDs of some lengths proportionally to the spectral intensity of sunlight in order to replicate natural sunlight quality when all LEDs are on. A special «night»program is proposed, keeping only the wavelengths above 550nm. The convex shape of the upper part of the globe allows to direct the 12 wavelengths lights which are then transmitted by transparent glass rays towards the low opaline surface of the glass globe to converge their lights and colors to be mixed and homogenized to produce the white light spectrum of the sun’s natural light by addition and synthesis of colors.” Philippe Rahm Architects

Tolomeo Paralume Outdoor

The Artemide Lamps: Design Icons of Contemporary_tolomeo_outdoor

Tolomeo is a testimonial of the uniqueness of Artemide: its design competence, technology, and care for man and the planet are simply conveyed through a product that, after 30 years, can still illuminate the future with the same impact. The iconic lamp comes in the floor, suspension, and hook version, with materials and finishes ideal for outdoor use. The family is now a more comprehensive system, capable to address indoor and outdoor, public and private needs. Tolomeo Mega Outdoor is produced in the larger size (diffuser diameter: 50 cm) to adjust to the perceptive proportions of broader and open spaces. The diffuser is coated with the Thuia fabric by Paola Lenti, a durable and washable plastic material that looks like natural jute.


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