Top Contemporary Lighting Tips for Hotels


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Draga Aurel House Draga Aurel House
Contemporary Lighting | May 30, 2016
Top Contemporary Lighting Tips for Hotels
Top Contemporary Lighting Tips for Hotels

Suggesting contemporary lighting tips for hospitality industry is about more than creating stylish products that are on trend. It’s about enlighting the guest experience through top quality products that provide efficient lighting, whether through multifunctional guestroom lighting or bold public area statement pieces. All these contemporary lighting tips are available below.



1. Aesthetics

Top Contemporary Lighting Tips for Hotels

Consider the aesthetic of the product, does it look the part and fit in with the overall design concept? It is undeniable that interior designers are looking for hotels that offer something different and lighting is one main item. The intention is to create unique interior schemes. For a multifunctional space, choose wall lamps that are going to add ambient lighting.

2. Let there be (enough) light

Top Contemporary Lighting Tips for Hotels

Lighting is more than just about creating the ‘wow factor’ and needs to rank higher up the designer’s list of priorities. To light up public areas successfully it is necessary to provide enough lighting by lighting specialists.

Forget the traditional function of a hotel room: it is no longerjust a room to sleep in, it has become multifunctional, a place to eat, sleep, work and relax and the lighting scheme needs to reflect the variety of uses and generate the correct light levels to meet all those functions.

The hotel rooms are usually divided into the entrance channel, several parts of a seating area, bathroom, reading space, lighting design these parts do have different purposes.

3. Quality and functionality

Top Contemporary Lighting Tips for Hotels

As hoteliers expect stylish design and quality whilst working to a tighter budget, it should be a given that both are essential for contract use. Guests want hotels to feel like a luxurious home away from home and they want their hotel lighting in particular to reflect this, to be stylish yet functional. Among these contemporary lighting tips for example, most guests have dimming functionality at home and expect it in hotels, but they want it to be clearly visible on the product and most of all usable.

4. Efficiency

Top Contemporary Lighting Tips for Hotels

Blending cutting edge style with the latest technological developments is becoming more important than ever but we constantly need toask ourselves whether we can make the lighting experience better for the hotelier by saving money on running and maintenance costs. LEDs are now an essential light source in many hospitality spaces as sustainability moves to the forefront of the minds of developers and designers.

5. Budget

Creating bespoke product for clients is becoming increasingly more common and is a large part of what lighting specialists do so it’s important that they have the necessary budget guidance.


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