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Wall Lamps | Jul 12, 2016
Contemporary Lighting Ideas: Wall Lamps by Koket
Botanica sconce Contemporary Lighting Ideas Wall Lamps by Koket

Wall Lamps provide a soft glow, essential to adding functionality to any wall in your home. Illuminate your mirrors and wall space and make your home more functional by installing wall lamps, available from top name brands.

Botanica sconce Contemporary Lighting Ideas Wall Lamps by Koket
Botanica Wall Lamp by KOKET – The intricate petals and stems of the Botanica sconce create a whimsical seduction reminiscent of a fairytale. Appealing brass flower plated with gold.

One of the first impressions your guests will have of your home is what’s on your walls! Your walls can give great insight to how you as a homeowner treat your home. For that reason, today Contemporary Lighting offers you a througout the text about wall lamps a collection of contemporary wall lamps by the feminine an eclectic brand KOKET.


Contemporary Lighting Ideas Wall Lamps by Koket (2)
Chloe wall lamp by KOKET – Unexpected twists in the magically evocative ribbon awaken your deepest senses giving you the impression of being wrapped in the impulsive charm of a little girl. Exquisite leaf detailing in gilded bronze finished in gold.

One way to upgrade a wall if you do not have the means to do a total wall makeover is to upgrade your wall lighting and sconces! This type of lamp has the capability of completely change any wall design.

Contemporary Lighting Ideas Wall Lamps by Koket (3)
Eternity wall lamp by KOKET – The elegant silhouette of this sconce takes its brilliance from the skillful application of the clear crystals. The eternal circles are individually wrapped in polished brass and placed with astonishing attention to detail. The end result is an extraordinary source of light.

Wall lamps will enhance the beauty of your home. They are a great option for ambient lighting and sconces can be a piece of art.

Flora Sconce Contemporary Lighting Ideas Wall Lamps by Koket (4)
Flora wall lamp by KOKET – An unusual sconce whose beauty is as unconventional as it is tantalizing. Aged brass intricately sculpted fixture makes for a hip petal pusher look.
Contemporary Lighting Ideas Wall Lamps by Koket (6) (Copy)
Eternity sconce by KOKET – Gorgeous sconce with black stones

Wall sconces remind many of castles and medieval dwellings, where they were first used to hold candles and torches. Wall lamps can sometimes have that old-fashioned look reminiscent of the past, but if you find this too traditional for your taste, you can go with the many choices of more modern styles. You can find them in a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes.

Passion Sconce Contemporary Lighting Ideas Wall Lamps by Koket (5)
Passion sconce by KOKET – Inspired by Nature, this luminous wall sconce symbolizes the link between first love and a flower when it first blooms. Both begin as something shy and reserved—like a secret treasure meant to be protected. Yet both hold an internal glow that shines with the promise of grace and radiance. Exquisite leaf detailing in cast bronze finished in gold.

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