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Arquitectural Lighting | Nov 15, 2016
BDNY 2016- Meet the New Contemporary Lighting Trends
Furniture Brands You Can’t Miss in BDNY - Boutique Design NY

I´m sorry guys! Another chance for you to be updated with all the new contemporary lighting trends.is over. Either you are a contemporary design lover or an interior designer, the Boutique Design in New York was just a perfect show to put in your agenda. But don´t panic.. we will always keep you updated!DelightfullYOU MAY ALSO LIKE: MARKA INTERIOR FACTORY DESIGNS MID CENTURY MODERN APARTMENT

The different designs are what make this interior design show so unique, the manufacturers and marketers come from all over the world to New York to present their products to the best audience in the world.BDNY 2016 contemporary lighting trendsThinking about contemporary lighting? How about writing with light? DelightFULL is now able to do this in a luxurious way! Imagine having a different set of numbers and letters on your wall spelling out what you want, check out some of the examples that were at the BDNY!BDNY 2016 contemporary lighting trendsThis brand continues to surprise us! Check out this next image! This suspension lamps are awesome don´t you think?BDNY 2016 contemporary lighting trendsDelightfullAnd what about this next lamps? great hum? You can adjust them to the size you wish!BDNY 2016 contemporary lighting trendsEssential Home was present in this NY design show! Inspired in American cinematography, prepare to be astonished by beautiful aesthetics and designs!BDNY 2016 contemporary lighting trendsBoca do Lobo‘s goal is to design  pieces that can pass the test of time, using artisan techniques. Their unimaginable designs were present at the show! So if could attend to it take a sneak peak to this fabulous brand:BDNY 2016 contemporary lighting trendsBrabbu designs and produces a diverse range of furniture, case goods, upholstery, lighting, rugs, art and accessories that tell stories about nature and the world. This Brand was at the BDNY and it is already setting trends to this following year! Keep up with it!BDNY 2016 contemporary lighting trendsGuys take a look at this video! Such amazing designs!YOU MAY ALSO LIKE:MARKA INTERIOR FACTORY DESIGNS MID CENTURY MODERN APARTMENT

We hope you liked our article! Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Contemporary Lighting Ideas.

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