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Novelties & Best Sellers Catalogue 2024
Arquitectural Lighting | Nov 24, 2017
Mid-Century Modern Home Filled With Style!
Mid-Century Modern Home Filled With Style!

A mid-century modern house with stunning interiors.

A mid-century modern home with stunning interiors. The kind of love you never forget. The sunny days where you bring the breeze with you and you have the best days ever! You know that feeling? We had that feeling right when we saw the mixing of styles of this modern house design.

Don’t wait! Check it out!


Mid-Century Modern Home Filled With Style! 1

Mid-Century Modern Home Filled With Style! 2

Speaking from the heart, the first thing we fell in love with was the sun peaking through the whole house. We knew right along that we wanted you to see this amazing contemporary home style with mid-century modern furniture!

Mid-Century Modern Home Filled With Style! 4Mid-Century Modern Home Filled With Style! 3

The house, built for a family that loves outdoor adventures, wanted to have the best of both worlds: the compromise of the nature-loving style with an aesthetically pleasing home.  In a unique neighboorhood, the large garden fills the home with sunny places to get inspired in.

Mid-Century Modern Home Filled With Style! 6Mid-Century Modern Home Filled With Style! 5
With a direct connection with the ocean to the west and to the garden to the east, the existing decks provide the contrast. With a stunning take on the furnishing of the home, the furniture was custom made to provide the singularity of each one room. The art object that is spread throughout the whole interior design project was thought to give the room the lightness it needed without overpowering it too much.
Mid-Century Modern Home Filled With Style! 7

Approaching the latter half of the 20th century the newer pieces that are living in the home bring colour and texture. A story to be told.

Photography:  Sharon Risedorph, Dwight Eschliman

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Mid-Century Modern Home Filled With Style! 7

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