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Contemporary Lighting | May 16, 2018
Travel Inside The Best Nightclubs in History
Travel Inside The Best Nightclubs in History

Your Personal Guide To The Best Nightclubs In A Lifetime

Today we are going to talk about the best nightclubs in history starting from Studio 54 located in NYC and the Palladium to Day-Glo EU discotheques and our selection of pictures will make you “wanna dance”.  “I love visuals, but visuals are nothing more than what special effects are in a ­movie. Design, though, is an ethos. It’s all about the mix—these disparate elements coming together to create excitement,” said Ian Schrager. Since 1977 Schrager has showed this commitment in a company with Steve Rubell – they established the famous Studio 54 together.


Travel Inside The Best Nightclubs in History1

Other clubs and Studio 54, since 1960’s have been demonstrating a kind of innovation- and, especially in design. Please do not underestimate their contributions into design world. A design, historian – Catharine Rossi, once said: “There is a strong connection between club culture, architecture, and design. Nightclubs are a specific architectural typology, which was really only invented in the 1960s: spaces designed for nocturnal revelry, often concealed in some way, and made of artificial light and sound as much as bricks and mortar. The freedom that the special type of space that the nightclub embodies has seen them become platforms for experiments in multiple design disciplines

mid-century apartment Find Out How This Mid-Century Apartment in Ukraine has Our Hearts! imgpsh fullsize

Travel Inside The Best Nightclubs in History2

Clubs were known as a destination of gathering of different cultures and their vibe was at the core of the heart of the experience.  Space Electronic club – was one of the successful examples of this multi-format endeavor, established in Florence, Italy, in 1969. As a result of its design – Studio 54 was counted as one of the most iconic clubs. Area club (1983) in New York was one of the clubs which embraced the arts and the artists and attracted artists and performers from Andy Warhol to Grace Jones.

Travel Inside The Best Nightclubs in History3

Bernard-Zette as Doris Farnsworth and Andy Warhol

Travel Inside The Best Nightclubs in History4

Electric Circus in New York City

Travel Inside The Best Nightclubs in History5

Electric Circus in New York City was one of the first clubs which became a platform for a multiple design experiment. Then, disco music was substituted by rave music. One of the most famous clubs in that “rave” era was Club Fac 51 Hacidenda (located in Manchester, England. It was build up in a former warehouse, which was redesigned by an architect Ben Kelly) and Berghain, located in Berlin. Nowadays, the destiny of clubs is unclear. But we are sure that clubs made a huge impact on culture and design industry. We suggest you to visit “Night Fever: Designing Club Culture (1960-Today)” – exhibition, which is located at the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, Weil am Rhein city.

Travel Inside The Best Nightclubs in History6

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Hanna Chandelier

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