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Contemporary Lighting | Feb 28, 2019
Go Back To Classics With These Wall Lighting Pieces!

Wall Lighting Pieces That Are Instant Classics!

Following this week’s trend of Back To Classics, today, we give you the Back to Classics wall lighting pieces that are instant classics that are a test of contemporary design and coveted craftsmanship.


Brubeck Wall

wall lighting pieces

A lighting piece that is deeply rooted in mid-century Los Angeles. Inspired by the great Dave Brubeck, the Brubeck collection is one of the most unique and successful collections that DelightFULL has.


This wall fixture is perfect for any dining room and living room that is looking for that extra luxurious piece. Brubeck is also a highly successful piece in the hospitality market and is also available as a contract lamp.

Coltrane Wall Lamp

wall lighting pieces

Coltrane wall fixture is a staple for minimalist lighting. Inspired by John Coltrane, the Coltrane collection embodies the best of the mid-century contemporary design style. With an all-steel build, the Coltrane wall lighting piece is one of the best build-quality lighting pieces in the market.

wall lighting pieces

Coltrane is a perfect fit for any modern home, both as an indoor or outdoor piece, the Coltrane is going to an essential piece of any room or place that you so desire. Additionally, Coltrane wall lamp is also available as a contract lamp.

Hendrix Wall Lamp

wall lighting pieces

Hendrix wall sconce has a round shape that was inspired by all the golden vinyl that reflects Hendrix’s success in the music industry. With a clear avant-garde design, this mid-century contemporary wall fixture features a smooth lighting effect that complements any room.

wall lighting pieces

wall lighting pieces

This mid-century wall sconce features three symmetric light sources that cast a perfect soothing lighting effect that gives life to any living room décor, restaurant, and bar. With that being said, Hendrix is also available as a contract lamp.


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