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Ceiling Lighting | Jun 4, 2019
Lori Margolis Interiors Get To Know This Manhattan Based Studio!

Today we will be talking about Lori Margolis Interiors, a Manhattan based interior design studio that has an established résumé. We will talk about Lori Margolis Interiors and also feature a couple of lighting pieces that both, you and Lori Margolis Interiors would love to know more about.

lori margolis interiors
Residential Project
All Rights @lorimargolisinteriors

Lori Margolis, the owner and founder of Loris Margolis Interiors, was introduced to the world of interior design since she was young. Her mother, being an interior designer herself, introduced Lori to the fine world of interior design. And what better place to be an interior designer than in New York.

Commercial Project – Dr. Gross Office
All Rights @lorimargolisinteriors
lori margolis interiors

We want to introduce the mid-century lighting design concept to Lori Margolis Interiors. We start with a solid mid-century ceiling lamp, DelightFULL’s Atomic ceiling lamp. A lamp that is a sure hit in almost every modern living room.

lori margolis interiors

We recognize that a lot of residential projects made by Lori Margolis Interiors use a lot of white and lighter color tones. We believe that Atomic ceiling lamp would be the perfect fit in almost any of Lori Margolis Interiors’s project.

Honorable Mentions

lori margolis interiors

We feel like Atomic ceiling isn’t enough, we want to give you, and Lori Margolis Interiors more options to choose from. Following this astronomy-themed design, we want to mention Scofield floor lamp as one of DelightFULL’s most iconic floor lamps.

lori margolis interiors

With lampshades similar to Atomic ceiling lamp, there’s no denying that Scofield shares the same design foundation as Atomic ceiling. Another great mid-century inspired lighting piece that is certain to be a favorite of any modern interior décor lover.

lori margolis interiors

Imagine a contemporary wall lighting piece that could fit in any given modern décor, and in any room imaginable. Coltrane wall lamp is the gift that keeps on giving, there’s just no bad case scenario when using Coltrane wall lamp.

lori margolis interiors

We highly recommend DelightFULL’s Coltrane wall lamp. Not only for Lori Margolis Interiors, but also, to anyone that is looking to renovate their home, or are trying to finish their project but are looking for that perfect wall lighting piece.

We hope you enjoyed our article on Lori Margolis Interiors!


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