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Lighting Home | Jul 13, 2016
7 Contemporary lighting ideas for your bedroom design
7 Contemporary lighting for your bedroom design 4 (Copy)

Lighting is really important in any space as Contemporary Lighting blog is always pointing out. But it is also a form of art, decorators always search for the best lighting ideas to achieve a practical yet beautiful bedroom design and every aspect matters, but lighting is crucial. Intensity and color temperature are two more elements that seem practical at first, but can make all the difference between waking up to a bright and cheerful room in the darkness of an early morning or basking in low and mysterious mood lighting before drifting off to sleep.

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1.Pastorious by DelightFULL

7 Contemporary lighting ideas for your bedroom design 4 (Copy)

A great lighting idea for those whom like to read before bed. Pastorius wall sconce revives the 70’s design aesthetics with a dual character. The result is a sophisticated and highly functional piece with an extendable arm can be adjusted into different positions.

2. Miles wall light by DelightFULL

Pastorious wall lamp by DelightFULL Contemporary Lighting ideas for your bedroom design (Copy)

This option is similar to the first one, but this one has a more ambient lighting function. The Miles wall light is inspired in the jazz musician Miles Davis, it brings back that atmosphere of sophistication inspired by the 50’s.

3. Amy floor lamp by DelightFULL

Amy floor lamp by DelightFULL 7 Contemporary lighting for your bedroom design 4 (Copy)

The Amy floor lamp inspired by the great singer Amy Winehouse is an irreverent reading lamp, perfect to enjoy with your favorite book at any setting. Handmade in brass and with lampshades in aluminum exactly like it was made in the 50’s. A new design star.

4. Indirect lighting

Lighting ideas for your bedroom design

Here, the indirect lighting leans toward an orange tone to give the cabinetry a warmer feel. Since many decorators choose wood for its warmth, this lighting trick proves infinitely useful.

5. Bedside lighting ideas

7 Contemporary lighting for your bedroom designc2 (Copy)

When we think about bedside lighting we usually go for table lamps, but this is a pretty interesting idea: to have suspension lighting in your bedside table, it will illuminate the side tables and the lighting fixtures will be the star of the bedroom design.

6. Contemporary bedside table chandeliers

7 Contemporary lighting for your bedroom design (Copy)

Besides the chandeliers that had a contemporary look to the bedroom design the indirect lighting that comes out of the panel behind the bed adds a mysterious look to the bedroom design.

7. Multi lighting spots

7 Contemporary lighting for your bedroom design 1 (Copy)

Layers of spotlights and indirect lighting play over an impressive variety of luxurious textures. It would be hard to go wrong with any lighting choice in a room like this one, but this example demonstrates the most attractive approach.


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Source: designsticker.net

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