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Color | Jun 11, 2020
6 Grey Ambiances Ideas For a All-Purpose Neutral Décor!

Contemporary Design is one of the latest design trends of the year, however this is a har style to define, since it’s always evolving. Quarantine has made us discover new hobbies and DIY Home design projects have been an escape of these stressful times. If you’re thinking of a home renovation, shades of Grey may be the right choice and we’ll explain you why! 

First of all, what is contemporary design? Contemporary means ‘at the moment’, which makes this style particularly hard to define. Dating back to the 1970s, this style is unique because it borrows elements from many other aesthetics. In it, you can see nods to modern, traditional, art deco and even futuristic design. Nowadays, it can be defined by neutral colors, clean an curved lines and minimalism.


Usually, when designing a new décor, picking a neutral hue means choosing white and off-whites. This doesn’t have to be a rule! There are several shades of grey – since light grey to a strong grey hue – that are considered neutral as well.

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If you’re seeking an elegant and chic color that is versatile for any style décor, grey hues are the answer. The color gray is a timeless and practical color.  Dark, charcoal gray communicates some of the strength and mystery of black. It is a sophisticated color that lack the negativity of the color black. Light grays can carry some of the attributes of the color white”. 

The best part of grey hues is that it can be part of any room of your home, whether it is the walls, cabinets or vanities.


6 Grey Ambiances Ideas For a All-Purpose Neutral Décor!

Some home offices are neglected, and this is the perfect time to do a special renovation! We’re not talking about major changes, but about small home office ideas that will improve your daily basis! First of all, your home offices shoud reflect yourself, and above all, should inspire you! You’re doing what you love: working, reading, crafting, writing, and you definitely need to feel inspired and creative!

“Light grey could be considered the perfect neutral. It provides just enough color to add depth to any room in your house while keeping your space feeling light and airy”, MyDomaine

6 Grey Ambiances Ideas For a All-Purpose Neutral Décor!

Adding red-based hues are a great idea to pop up the place! Diana wall lamp is a great vintage industrial style piece that provides a fun vibe to this office décor!


6 Grey Ambiances Ideas For a All-Purpose Neutral Décor!

Entryway décor is sometimes neglected, however it is an importan part of our house – after all, it is your welcome place! Call it entryway, hallway, entry hall, foyer, mudroom, entry or entrance, style and name often depends on the size of the room and the arrangement of space.

We all know that a first impression is quite important, so we have to see our entryway as the first impression of our home. It is often underestimated, however it is a space of great importance – for us and for our guests. We make several efforts to have the ultimate living and dining room décor, and we should be doing the same for the first place we see when we come home or when we welcome our guests.

A trendy hallway décor with grey and red hues and a geometric patterned rug creating a great first impression!


6 Grey Ambiances Ideas For a All-Purpose Neutral Décor!

“It’s absolutely timeless for every room in your home,” Monte says. “It’s elegant and light in the bright spaces of your home yet sophisticated and classic in the darker areas.”

Sheri Monte

6 Grey Ambiances Ideas For a All-Purpose Neutral Décor!

Tip: “Instead of using white primer, consider a gray tinted printer, especially before very light paint colors. This will allow you to do fewer coats and still end up with a vibrant color”



6 Grey Ambiances Ideas For a All-Purpose Neutral Décor!
A sophisticated bedroom décor with fifty shades of grey and black, white and red-based hues adding some contract and depth to the de´cor.


6 Grey Ambiances Ideas For a All-Purpose Neutral Décor!
We hope you feel inspired for your all-purpose neutral décor renovation!

We hope you liked our article about 6 Grey Ambiances Ideas For a All-Purpose Neutral Décor! 

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