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Draga Aurel Delightfull
Trends | Mar 2, 2022
Spring Colours To Bring Light Into Your Home!
Spring Colours To Bring Light Into Your Home

Spring is just arount the corner and we’re delighted to have our home project to match it! Want to do the same? Keep reading to know what Spring Colours will give your home a new touch!

Spring is finally upon us! It’s a great season to organize our lives and give our spaces a new, fresh look. Personally, we believe Spring is a great time to finally declutter our homes, organize our closet and give everything a deep cleaning. Also, it’s the best season of the year to start working on your gardening skills – or perhaps even to start this new hobby – and fill your home with all different kinds of greenery, they’ll surely bring some life into your home and outdoor spaces. Finally, it’s also time to decorate your house! Change your wall art, play with the position of your furniture pieces, and maybe even consider adding another piece or two? A new look doesn’t require a full makeover to look different, you’ll certainly notice the differences by adding a new couple of pieces, and today we’re going to show you our lighting recommendations to bring the best light into your home! Obviously, matching with Spring Colours!



Spring Colours To Bring Light Into Your Home

Neutral colours will never go out of style, and of course, you can match white with pretty much every piece of furniture and decoration of your lovely house! Lighter colours will also attract more light into the inside of your home, and besides making it seem brighter, it will also make your space seem larger and even more open. It’s a great colour to style in smaller interiors!

Catalogue Modern House NYC

This Duke Pendant Suspension Lamp by DelightFULL is a modern-styled lamp, inspired by the simplicity of the 1970s, making it a great design even for the most demanding settings. It mixes white and gold in a harmonious design, and it’ll perfectly match your space. It’s a stunning light both for a bedroom setting and a mid-century living room.

Red & Yellow

Spring Colours To Bring Light Into Your Home

Right after the harshness of Winter, Spring brings with itself light, life and colour. Nature will manifest itself through every flower you come across, of all different shapes and colours. So if you want to welcome Spring into your own home, it’s also time to adopt some warm colours into the design! Yellows, oranges and reds are all perfect Spring Colours to bring the season inside.

Spring Colours To Bring Light Into Your Home

The perfect way to compromise with a bold colour is by starting small, and the Diana Table Lamp by DelightFULL will be your best choice! This vintage lamp was inspired by some of the greatest design classics of the mid-century era, and its small size and adjustable shade make it a great reading lamp. If you’re still a bit reticent on red, you can definitely check out the yellow version!

Spring Colours To Bring Light Into Your Home

Whether you choose red or yellow, this beautiful lamp will give your spaces a completely new touch by simply having colour. It fits minimalistic or industrial environments best, and it would look amazing in your home office!

Spring Colours To Bring Light Into Your Home

If you’re a bold kind of person, the Diana Floor Lamp will definitely fit your needs! Its mid-century modern design makes it a perfect choice for artistic studios, in a working or reading area. There’s no way your eyes could go anywhere else with this unique lamp in your space!

Silver & Copper

Spring Colours To Bring Light Into Your Home

Any colour can become a Spring Colour if you make it pastel, but pink has a special touch to it. The colour of soft Spring early mornings and of lovely flowers, pink will definitely bring a Spring vibe into your home!

Spring Colours To Bring Light Into Your Home

DelightFULL’s Etta Chandelier Suspension Lamp is a large and sophisticated chandelier, that boasts a feminine vibe, making it the right choice for every luxurious interior design. It’s a great example of high-quality craftsmanship, and it would be the best piece for any refined living room.

Now that you know what Spring Colours to go after, it’s time to start working on your Spring decoration! What are the colours of this season that would look best in your home?


Did you like our article about Spring Colours that will lighten up your home?

Diana Floor Lamp

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