Etta Round lamp: a new retro chic glow by Delightfull


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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel
Contemporary Lighting | Mar 16, 2016
Etta Round lamp: a new retro chic glow by Delightfull
etta round

Delightfull created a new masterpiece, the Etta Round lamp. That kind of lighting piece that makes your eyes shine brighter!

etta round lamp

Perfect for a living room or even just a relaxing corner, this unique design invention brings luxury and a refined art touch for any place. Inspired by the jazz singer Etta Jones, Etta Round Lamp has a nostalgic and feminine retro glow. This opulent chandelier can provide a soft and warm light through its layers, offering a romantic atmosphere to any setting. All brass leafs are shaped and assembled by our artisans’ hands, blended using manual molds, an old Portuguese technique that is part of the brand’s mission to preserve. Following the lighting essence with an alternative conception, our stupendous team of designers decided to create something different. From the iconic design, they created a new piece ready for a lot of project design solutions has huge dining tables, chic hotel lobbies, or even restaurants.

round lamp delightfull


Etta Round Lamp was born with the Etta Pendant flavor. This new chandelier comes as the new addition to the Etta Family. Designed with an elegant feminine approach, there is a reinforcement of curved shapes to make this piece robust and yet delicate. This new round version was created for a living room or dining room, with different finishes such as a glossy gold or a pink copper, with 100 cm of Diameter and 45 cm of Height, suits different styles. Etta Round is a modern design and the most recent addition to the brand lamps family. We already knew this elegant design as Etta Suspension Lamp and also Etta Wall Light. “Etta Family” is here to stay! This masterpiece has the soul and power of the one who influenced it. Save Your Love For… Etta Round.


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