Lightology: Your “Go To” Contemporary Lighting Store


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Arquitectural Lighting | Aug 12, 2016
Lightology: Your “Go To” Contemporary Lighting Store
Lightology Your “To Go” Contemporary Lighting Store

Lightology is considered to be the most dynamic and original contemporary lighting showroom in North America!

It was founded in 1983 by Gregory Kay, an award-winning low-voltage lighting designer and product designer who established the North American market for low voltage, open conductor systems such as monorail and cable lighting systems. Throughout the years, Kay has been partnering with some very influential parties such as Paul Gregory and Wally Hepkema.

SEE ALSO: TRENDZINE: YOUR BEST MID CENTURY DESIGN INSPIRATIONThe brand’s headquarters is a 20 000 square-foot showroom designed from the ground up to be the premier showcase for contemporary lighting in North America where the brand takes great pride on their exceptional customer service, having their customers rating them 4.7 out of 5, based on 12 757 reviews.

Lightology Your “To Go” Contemporary Lighting StoreThe showroom is a great place to get inspired since it’s a place where you’ll be absorbed into an all contemporary lighting world!
When arriving, visitors face a stunning, glass-enclosed, three-story (plus rooftop) modern space that flows around a central atrium with product-filled catwalks and permanent exhibits on light color, temperature and the history of electric lighting.

Lightology Your “To Go” Contemporary Lighting StoreLightology provides customers with an incredible in-store experience, having lighting consultants available to help in any way possible, as well as some very interesting features such as a Light Temperature Room and the Rooftop Garden where customers can see the behavior of outdoor lighting products.

Lightology Your “To Go” Contemporary Lighting StoreThe first floor of the showroom opened to the public in 2001. Nowadays, the building’s four floors are completely developed to serve the special needs of professionals such as architects, designers and contractors, among others.

Lightology Your “To Go” Contemporary Lighting Store To really top things off, they created a roof garden, providing dramatic city views in a stunning setting for meetings and events, while still showing the products.
But  it’s not only the amazing showroom that matters, there’s also a very complete and unique online store, where everyone can access beautiful lighting even if they’re not able to visit the physical store.

Lightology Your “To Go” Contemporary Lighting StoreThe platform allows the user to search by product time, brand and even offers some furniture and home accessories.

Lightology Your “To Go” Contemporary Lighting Store
It all sounds very appealing, right? To find the best solutions for your projects, take a look at Lightology’s online store and take a virtual tour through their showroom here:

The store is located in Chicago, Illinois and it’s open to the public, so even if you’re not a design professional, you’re still very welcome to visit and enjoy all the great features from this unique place!


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