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Floor&Table Lamps | Jun 27, 2018
Diana Lamp: An Elegant Industrial Design Touch!

Diana Lamp is one of the most iconic lighting pieces from DelightFULL. Handmade in brass and aluminum, it is the perfect industrial design piece you need!

This particular lighting piece belongs to the Heritage Collection of DelightFULL and it is known for its industrial style. It is impossible not to be amazed by its elegance, and yet mid-century modern design. Are you ready to see all the members of Diana’s Family?

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Diana An Elegant Industrial Design Touch! 3

It is a pleasure to introduce you Diana Lamp!

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industrial design

Diana Table Lamp is the perfect desk lighting piece. Are you ready to take some notes? You better write this down: Diana Lamp is handmade in Oporto, Portugal, and due to that fact, it is customizable.

The body is made in brass and the shade is in aluminum. Choose a different finish for the body and a very bright color for the shade – or even pastel, it’s trendy! – and create your own Diana. We’ve always heard that there is never two identical Dianas!

Diana Lamp An Elegant Industrial Design Touch!

Diana XL Floor Lamp is the climax of what we idealize when we are talking about industrial design.

A neutral grey wall with some mid-century furniture will complete the look!

Now it is time to meet Diana Suspension Lamp! This industrial pendant lighting design has also a red textile wire, which can be customized as you wish.

Diana Lamp An Elegant Industrial Design Touch! 4

It is a small suspended light perfect for any contemporary kitchen, but it does also look great as a bedside lamp in an industrial-inspired bedroom.

Last, but not least, the wall lighting piece of this family! You would think that this is the youngest and smallest lamp of this family… however, you are wrong! Wall lamps don’t always need to be small.

Diana Lamp An Elegant Industrial Design Touch! 5

They usually say ‘Go big or go home’. In this case, you can go big and stay home! The counterweight we find at the extremity is made out of steel for a more secure grip.

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