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Outdoor lighting | Apr 2, 2020
Make Your Outdoor Decor Stand Out With These Graphic Collection Pieces!
Make Your Outdoor Decor Stand Out With These Graphic Collection Pieces

Need a touch of colour in your life and also your outdoor decor? Keep reading to know how DelightFULL’s Graphic Collection is here to help!

Spring has been with us for a while, but maybe we haven’t prepared for the season accordingly. Or maybe we’ve just prepared our interior decor, and completely forgot about the outdoor decor! We need bright colours and fun pieces in our lives to cheer us up and make staying home easier, and today we’re going to help you out with these amazing pieces from DelightFULL’s Graphic Collection.


The Graphic Collection features a wide range of characters, such as letters, numbers and symbols, all in different shapes, colours and styles. They’re funny lighting pieces that make it easier for you to personalize any space you would want, and they’re extremely popular among hospitality projects. They’re also available in a smaller version, that looks best in your interior decor, but these big pieces are bolder, and therefore, need a lot of space around it so they can stand out in your outdoor decor!

Graphic Collection

Make Your Outdoor Decor Stand Out With These Graphic Collection Pieces

Entryways are the first thing your guests see when they visit your house, and surprisingly, the setting is usually quite dull and boring outside. Well, say no more! With the Graphic Collection, you’ll surely have everyone admiring your door. Even after a long day of work, you’ll love getting back home and love how you’re received by your own outside decor!

Of course, each person has their own tastes, and not every door will be painted with this bright, bold red. The best thing about the Graphic Collection is that there are so many styles and colours, you’ll definitely find one to suit your own preferences. If, however, you’ve fallen in love with this Letter K, go for it! Its unique mix of straight and round lines make it an interesting piece to look at, and it can be controlled with an on-and-off switch, which makes it possible to turn on only a few of the lights at a time. No one could be indifferent to this bold design!

Make Your Outdoor Decor Stand Out With These Graphic Collection Pieces

Here’s another great example of how your entrance could be your best feature! If you’re not a big fan of having your wall, door and lighting piece all in the same colour, you can definitely mix things up. Your Graphic Collection piece doesn’t have to be your main decor focus, either, serving, instead, the purpose of complementing the whole setting, alongside other features (such as plants).

This Letter E will bring all the nostalgia from your good studying years, with its college styled font and bright neon blue outline, ready to complement any modern home decor. Just as pictured above, it can give your entrance a whole other look, and coming back home will never be as exciting!

Make Your Outdoor Decor Stand Out With These Graphic Collection Pieces

In a time period when we’re requested to stay home, having a nice outdoor decor setting has never been more amazing! It allows us to relax, get some very important vitamin D, enjoy our hobbies and even practise sport more comfortably. But maybe our outdoor decor needs a little refresh! Since we spend so much time now in our outside home spaces, we definitely want to look around and be entertained. The Graphic Collection pieces are so fun and original, it’s impossible to ever get bored of them!

Nature has its own wide colour scheme, so if you can’t choose only one colour, go for a piece with several! This Letter Z light was designed with some comic-like straight lines, though slightly bent, to give it a funkier look. It’s a hypnotic piece, and you’ll surely never want to move it away, with its neon colours that will give your place a more energetic vibe.

The hardest thing will be to choose! Your Graphic Collection lighting piece should reflect your personality and you could definitely get creative with the letters, choosing your initials, or even writing words. One thing is for sure: your outdoor decor will never be boring!


Did you like our article about how to make your outdoor decor stand out with these Graphic Collection pieces?

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