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Floor Lamps | May 18, 2020
What Is Hot On Pinterest: Living Room Floor Lamps

A new week is starting and this means: What is hot on Pinterest! This week we decided to do a research and see the trendiest living room floor lamps!

Floor Lamps are a very important part of our living rooms. A bad choice can affect the living room’s lighting, and we want to guarantee that your choice will be based on the trendiest lighting designs, but also, we want to garante that you take functionality into consideration.


Floor lamps are an important feature when we are talking about living room decorations. The perfect lighting floor can change completely our décor, and besides that, the right amount of lighting is an important think to think about when we are choosing the lighting piece that will be next to our favorite armchair or sofa!

What Is Hot On Pinterest: Living Room Floor Lamps

This rustic design living room is a classic! Neutral and Terracota colors, patterned elements and wood is the main material! This lighting floor piece has a vintage style that will make the day of the design lovers!


Get the Look:

What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Floor Lamps 9

Inspired by the American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and composer: Miles Davis, DelightFULL has created a mid-century floor lamp that will bring back the sophistication and elegance of the 50’s.

Handmade in brass, you are able to choose between a wide range of finishes! Create your own mid-century floor lamp and delight your friends!

What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Floor Lamps 6

This is another option of these kind of vintage lighting pieces. As you can see, it is a versatile design that will get along, no matter the living room décor. If you are a fan of lighter colors and delicate details, this will be the best option for you!

What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Floor Lamps 4

A unique and intriguing design that will make your friends jealous of your living room lighting floor! The bulbs are kind of mesmerizing, don’t you think?

What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Floor Lamps 3

Industrial design lamps are one of the latest trends. And, no, industrial design and elegance can be a combo! How? Look at this living room décor and see it for yourself!

What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Floor Lamps 2

Here is a different living room set and display, but we are completely in love with both options!

Get The Look:

Diana XL Floor Lamp is one of the most well-known pieces from DelightFULL and we sure understand why! Handmade in brass with the most colorful shade, this beauty is called Diana and nobody forgets her name!

Floor Category
What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Floor Lamps 8

Due to the fact that it is handmade, you can choose a different color, size and finish and have your own Diana!


Did you like our article about What is Hot on Pinterest: Living Room Floor Lamps?

Diana Floor Lamp

Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use then on your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Twitter and Instagram for more Contemporary Lighting Ideas.
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