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Arquitectural Lighting | Dec 26, 2017
Richard Clarkson and His Cloud Contemporary Fixtures
Richard Clarkson and His Cloud Contemporary Fixtures

Dream With This Unique Lighting Design!

Richard Clarkson is always here to inspires us all. With some of the most inspiring and dreamlike contemporary lighting fixtures, the Cloud Contemporary Fixtures is here to make a statement everywhere it’s seen.

Don’t Wait! Come and Get Inspired!

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Richard Clarkson and His Cloud Contemporary Fixtures 1

CLOUD. A product of 2014, this modern lighting design is also known as Smart Cloud. Made of Abs, polyester fibre, LEDS and electrical components this unique light is Arduino-controlled, motion-triggered lightning & thunder performance, as well as a music-activated visualizing speaker. An amazing piece of lighting statement.

Richard Clarkson and His Cloud Contemporary Fixtures 5

A magic lamp, Cloud is an interactive lamp with a speaker system designed to mimic a thundercloud in appearance. The Cloud has an embedded motion sensors to create unique lightning and thunder shows. The Cloud also allows its beholder to stream music via any Bluetooth compatible device and can adapt to any desired lighting and colour.

Richard Clarkson and His Cloud Contemporary Fixtures 4Richard Clarkson and His Cloud Contemporary Fixtures 7

The Cloud evolved to be a family project. Perfect for a children room decor, this is the one who will inspire you to make the best creations so far. Other versions of this contemporary light have been created to suit other projects.

Richard Clarkson and His Cloud Contemporary Fixtures 6

This unique lighting statement also provides its code to the public. Mean to educate the public to understand how it was made. “The Cloud celebrates collaborative code, free-sharing and accessing prototyping information. The code is available to the public to use and improve, to provide blueprints for the next generation of smart objects.”

Richard Clarkson and His Cloud Contemporary Fixtures 3

“Inexpensive and easy to program microprocessors allow designers and tinkerers to understand the nature of electronic goods, and therefore enable the creation of new and increasingly meaningful interactions.”

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